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Caravan/Voyager Sliding Door Problems

My passenger side sliding door has started hanging up on the plastic chain that protects an electrical wire. The chain is pretty much destroyed and I'm afraid the wire is going to be damaged.

Two questions. First, does anyone know what this wire does? Is it going to be critical if it's damaged?

And second, any suggestions on how to fix this? I assume I would have to buy a new plastic chain somewhere...



  • ntbillntbill Posts: 20
    The electrical wire inside the chain is used to unlock the door. Is it critical? If you unlock this door with your fingers instead of using the switch on the driver's door, or the front passenger's door, I would say it is not critical. But, maybe it can blow a fuse and some other things might stop working too. I don't know if doors locking system have his own fuse or if the fuse is shared with other things. For the repair, sorry I can't help you, I really don't know how.
  • Hello,

    Having trouble with a 92 grand caravan sliding door, quite simply it won't close completely

    I believe it is a problem with the door track mount, just wondering if anyone else has had similiar trouble before I go putting time/money into it
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    A 14 year old Grand Caravan is NOT worth much money in mint condition.
    I would not put much money into a 14 year old vehicle unless it was a collector's item...which a Grand Caravan is NOT. ;)
  • bilnyxbilnyx Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 dodge caravan and when driving the sliding door on the drivers side opens and then closes sporadically. We have had the problem with both doors and the back door hatch. The back door hatch occurred before the recall and the car was still under warranty. We brought the car into the dealer the first time it happened with the sliding doors and we were told that they would only charge us 50% for the labor because they agreed it was a danger and we were out of the warranty period. They told us if this became a big problem and they issued a recall we would be refunded our money. The problem was fixed or so we thought, last week it occurred again. This time Dodge is telling us that it is impossible for this to happen and the computer in the car is telling them it did not happen and there is nothing they can do for us. We have children, who I do not want in the car if the door will open on the highway while I am driving 60mph.

    Has anyone else seen this problem or have any recommendation on how to go about fixing this or to get Dodge to fix it?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • amitesamites Posts: 2
    not looking to invest much, just want the damn thing to work while I have it,

    it's a rust bucket of a van but the mechanics are all in good shape minus some rocker arms that I need to tighten

    just wondering if I should be looking into a new door from a junk yard or a new door part from a yard
  • Does anyone know how to replace the chain on the sliding door of a Dodge Grand Caravan? It's in a bunch and I can't find anything on the internet on how to replace this!

  • Did you ever figure out how to fix this? Mine is doing the same thing and I can't find anything on the internet! Any help you can be would be greatly appreciated!
  • I have a 2005 Dodge Gran Caravan. Last September, while at highway speed, my right door opened by itself. Later that same day (my memory says it was the next day) the left door did the same thing. Dodge told me to take it to the local dealer. They could not replecate the problem so are taking no action. Have you a service number I can refer to when dealing with these folks?
  • jhydejhyde Posts: 2
    Did anyone figure out how to replace the sliding door chain on the Dodge Caravan? How much $ was invested?
  • I couldn't find any info on how to fix it. I just took into Dodge last week to have it fixed. It cost me $153.
  • jhydejhyde Posts: 2
    Thanks. After I posted my question, I went out and took a good look at the problem. The chain hadn't actually broken, just came apart in several places due to the links getting dirty and not bending as they should. I cleaned and lubricated the links. I was unable to get the links to snap back into place, so with a little ingenuity, a small drill bit, and some small cable ties everything is working again. For me to have taken it to Dodge dealer would have involved a 100 mile one way trip, plus a loss of a day. The key to preventing the links from seperating is definately keeping them cleaned and lubricated so the can bend freely. We purchased the van new and have put almost 100k on it; other than a few small replacing one window regulator and several brake pads, it has never given us any problems.
  • Thanks for the info. I will definetly remember to have my husband clean them and lube them regularly. There was definetly no fixing mine myself. After needing it repaired, but still continuing to use it, for many, many months~it was beyond repair! So I don't want to have to have it repaired again. I'm glad you could fix yours.

    I too have 100K on my van, which we bought new. We have had to replace 2 window regulators(one on each side), several brake pads, and a pesky problem with the heater relay, which we have replaced once and it is again only blowing heat on high. But other than that, it has been a pretty good van. Sure wish it had stow and go though!
  • i have a 2005 dodge grand caravan. both automatic doors open on their own while i am driving. have had it in to the local chrysler dealer, blue mountain chrysler in collingwood ontario over and over and over again. they cannot fix it because they cannot "see" it happening, because of course it is impossible that this would happen. they have been very kind and provide me with a courtesty car each time, and as far as service goes they are awesome. however, they cannot fix the problem. i have two young children and want it fixed. it is a safety hazard and will have to contact a solicitor in the next week to assist me with this situation. the van is going in again tomorrow for the second time this week, and about the 20th time in two years. they have confirmed with me on each and every occasion that i am the only person in the whole world that has this problem. obviously there are more of us out there... perhaps a class action suit?
  • mine open all the time. while driving, in parking lots while shoppoing, in my driveway in the middle of the night...see message number 15. dealer can't replicate so can't fix. very dangerous and expensive situation as i have had things go missing from my car and i didn't realize the doors were opening and closing by themselves. i had the doors disconnected so you had to open them manually and my 3 year old son hit the "auto door opening button" by his seat while i was driving on the highway, and much to my surprise the "disconnected" power door opened. that was how i found out the "disconnection" didn't work. i have had repeated and continuous problems with both doors. some days can't get them to open at all either automatically or manually and on several occasions have had to unload two kids too little to walk and a great dane through the front seats. have you ever tried to get a 180 pound great dane out through the front of a minivan? never mind two kids under 18 months.... i could go on about this for days. would love assistance.
  • hemi_450hemi_450 Posts: 3
    This is a problem we had from day one of owning our 2001 uk model crysler grand voyager.
    the drivers side sliding door fails to open or close automatically the wiring loom has been changed along with a whole host of other things theres a small block under the door if tweeked sometimes the door will close,ive been advised it could be the module does anyone know what or where this is please.
    secondly the electric tailgate when we first had the vehicle you could push the button on the key fob the alarm peeps would sound and the tailgate would open as time went on the tailgate would peep but fail to fully lift getting stuck on the latch and make a ding ding ding noise,now im lucky if i get the warning sound of the tailgate lifting when i push the button on the key fob and if it does sound the boot will not open,most times now if you push the key fob theres no response from the car at all no peep and it doensy open??? again ive been advised it could be a module.
    If anyone has had similar problems or has any idea how these can be fixed please please let me know as my local chrysler dealer wants big money to even look at the car.
    many thanks steve...
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    As far as the tail gate is concerned, your problem sound similar to a problem we had about three years ago. (Except ours would not open when under 50 degrees.) Turned out that we needed a new latch and they had to load some updated software on the main computer. We haven't had any problems since. I hope this helps and good luck.
  • hemi_450hemi_450 Posts: 3
    :) Hi there thanks for your reply,im having the car go into chrysler on monday to go on the diagnostics, that does sound to be what the problem is though,damm me if the boot worked this morning it wouldnt open it peeped tried to open then got stuck on the catch so i opened it manually once opened pushed the button and it did close on its own,is this something your car would have done??

    Also if anyone has any clues on the sliding door as the door opened and shut fine this morning something that its not done for months now,i tried it twice it worked left it 20 mins went and tried it again, and it did its usual thing popped off the catch and stopped,v confused HELP PLEASE... thanks :confuse:
  • jtlarsonjtlarson Posts: 1
    When this happened to me, the dealer located the issue (still under warranty) with the sliding door wiring harness. This is the wiring contained in the black chain located in the sliding door well. The wiring had a small kink causing a short, fortunately it didn't cost me anything to repair; important to keep the door well clean and the links on the chain lubicated periodically.
  • hemi_450hemi_450 Posts: 3
    hi thanks for your reply,the car went into chrysler and damn me if the boot worked,stupid car,though they have recommended a new latch as that came up on the diagnosis.
    the door problem they recommend that the door motor is changed as the current one is worn the current one was only changed a year back, and also that the wiring that attaches to the motor is changed as that is worn too.
    so now im looking for spares as chrysler have quoted me over £700 for the jobs eeek,i know the part numbers for the bits i need anyone have any ideas where i can get the bits from??
  • Our passenger side sliding door will not open when when we push the button, it will initiate the process, but will not continue the process. It will close when the said button is pushed no problem. To open it we have to do it manually, and it is very hard to slide open. It seems to be a balance problem, because if I lift the door from the bottom up and down a few times I can then push the button again and again and again and the door opens and closes just fine. Then if I leave the car for a few minutes go out and try will not open when I push the button. I have a feeling that something needs to be tightened so the door is in balance. Has anyone had this same problem?
  • mdcnmnmdcnmn Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Grand Caravan Sport and one of my kids in slammed the sliding door open. Now when you open or close the door it makes a loud clicking noise. Plus I cannot use to keyless entry to open it anymore. Does anyone have any idea what has happened and can I fix it myself?
  • judyjewjudyjew Posts: 6
    I bought a 2008 dodge grand caravan fully loaded. I have had problems with the sliding doors opening.It has been a problem since I bought the car.It has been back to the dealership many times with no results.The company told me this is impossible to happen,From the looks of things it is not impossible.They have replaced the computers in the doors,replaced the remote thing that opens,locks,and starts the car,.What can I tell them to do next ,it seems they do not know what to do,I hate this car!! Is there anything anyone can tell me that would help.thanks. :sick:
  • mainemommainemom Posts: 1
    Hi, went out to eat lunch with the family, came back to the 2008 van and saw the door wide open. Thank goodness our sweet dog was curled up on the seat and did not jump out. The sliding door will work as long as several hours and all of a sudden AWAY WE GO!! Slider will not stop. Never saw anything like this before.
  • judyjewjudyjew Posts: 6
    I think they have finally found out it is the key that is doing it,It is sending a signal to the doors to open.Have them replace the key fob.Now my new problem is that sometimes when I pull into my drive way and go to shut my car off , it wont shut off and the key wont come out.It has happened twice now .Also I have 15,000 miles on it and they are telling me I need front breaks.this car sucks.
  • my car is the car from hell, after hundreds of complaints from the doors opening by themself, to the car not shutting off, to the key not coming out of the car, the shift button sticking in, the seat base braking and putting new brakes in at 15,000 miles.The company is telling me that there is nothing wrong with this car, and that the doors are opening because someone is pushing the button to open them. I am suprised that my dog who is a mutt, has learned how to climb on the table and put the right button to open my doors. It seems he must be obsessed with doing this because it happens every day some times all day long. I think I will rent him out to people who people who cant open there doors.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,148
    Sounds like it is time to read up on your state's lemon law....
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • I have a 2002 Grand Caravan Sport,and the power sliding on the right side is hard to open by hand,it works fine using the power. What I need to know is if there is a clutch in the motor to let it be opened by hand,and if so can it be fixed without replacing the motor.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A fairly common problem...

    The disengagement clutch between the track gearing and the motor has failed. Unfortunately the motor and the clutch assembly are manufactured as a single unit and that is how they're sold. I bought mine from a couple of years ago for a hundred and change (I don't remember exactly). The installation is a two-beer job with only a couple of skinned knuckles. ;)

    Best regards,
  • tl4tl4 Posts: 1
    2004 T&C drivers side power sliding door won't open by hand.

    It unlatches and open maybe 1/8 - 1/4 inch but cannot open by hand any farther - seems stuck or unlatched but has "popped".

    If I try to force it sometimes I can get it to go but very hard to slide.

    It will open and close under power seemingly fine. Just concerned it will go completely and want to fix it now.
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