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HEMI 5.7L 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Tuning

tgwjrx06tgwjrx06 Posts: 4
Does anyone here know where I can find tuning products for the '05 5.7L HEMI?

I am looking particularly for headers and a supercharger and possibly a way to disable the governor's chip? I top out at around 110/115? I am fairly new to this so looking for all the help i can get to make my JGC as quick as possible.

Currently I have:
AIR-AID Mass/Cold air intake w/tube
BORLA Cat-back exhaust
JET Stage-1 Chip


  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    Find anything?

    DaimlerChrysler Revs Up Hemi.Com may be of interest.
  • Not a thing.... Seems like the SRT8 parts that come factory are not available, e.g. the headers...
  • How much horsepower did you gain by adding those items?? How did it affect your MPG?? Lastly, is the borla exhaust considerably louder than staock???
  • Never DYNO'ed it. I have a stage 2 Jet chip and use 93 octane and get 15-16 consistently at 70 mph on highway. Borla is much louder than stock exhaust and if you ask me SRT8 as well, I test drove at a dealership.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    I am indicate that you have a chip, but want to know how to over ride the speed gov. The way you do this is with a chip. Contact the company who sold you the chip and send it back. Have them change the tune to switch it off. If the chip is not programmable, then throw it away as it is not worth crap. This is the problem with mail-order tunes and why they really should never be used.

    If you can still return the chip, send it back and stick with a good brand like SCT. You will be able to have the tuner (the persom who programmed the chip) do anything you want.
  • Looking to tune up my Jeep hemi, maybe installing a chip? Any ideals now what works the best. Thanks!
  • Searching for a good Jeep Grand Cherokee (2010) 5.7L Hemi, performance & tuning shop located closest to the New England area (Boston). Any suggestions would be helpful.
  • I was looking at the SCT website for a performance chip for my '05 Jeep Grand Cherokee but it seems that the company does not produce them specifically for Jeeps, do you have any other brand recommendations for performance chips?
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