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Hi All,

My father is an automobile enthusiast. A coulle of years ago, I surprised him with a trip to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show. We had a blast. Its my understanding there are three other large annual auto shows in the US: 1.) Chicago, 2.) New York, and 3.) Los Angles. I think it would be fun to eventually go to all of them. 

Has anyone been to any of these shows? If so, how do the other 3 compare to Detroit? I was considering Chicago for next year, but its hard to find reviews from others that have gone. Thoughts?


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     I’ve been to the New York show multiple times, since I was in high school think started going back in 2004. I happen to like it a lot, I live in New York so that’s the only one I’ve been to so far. I would like to attend others to just like you too as well. I am visually impaired and I love being able to touch the cars in sit in them without that I’m getting up close, show would be no fun for me ha ha. 
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