strange problem starting

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Today I tried to start the car after not running it for a few days, and this is what happened:

1. Car will not start. When I turn ignition key, the engine goes over once lazily, then a long pause, then again, then a long pause. It doesn't sound to me like weak batteries have sounded in the past
2. Battery is tested good and charged. Connections appear tight and uncorroded. I can't see any damage on wires from battery, but they lead down where I can't see very clearly. There are lots of squirrels around though. I have also tried jump starting and get the same result.
3. I plugged in the error code reader and it did not say anything except P0600 and P0607 Pending, which seems to mean it couldn't establish communication.
4. A wrench icon is on the panel at times.
5. When I turn the key to the pre-start position, before I try to actually do the final partial turn to start the engine, I hear the fan in the engine area turning and there is also a strange clicking sound from the engine area. The strange clicking sound goes away after a few seconds but the fan still runs.

Any ideas?
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