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Bmw 325ci 2001 starting problem?

Mandeep22Mandeep22 Member Posts: 1
edited October 2018 in BMW
I currently own 2001 bmw 325ci. I have been having trouble when starting the car. If i dont touch the car for 24+hrs , it wont start. I turn the key and normal lights do turn on but when i turn key all the way nothing happens. And if i try to jump start it, starts in first try. Car doesnt give problem if started within 20-22 hrs but if it sits longer untouched, it wont turn on. Recently replaced a battery with brand new one. Please help if somebody experienced similar problem


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Sounds like you have some sort of parasitic drain that's running down the battery. It's also possible that your alternator might not be putting out enough juice to adequately charge the battery, but since the car will start right up on a jump, the output from the battery after 24+ hours isn't enough.

    Start simple. Check and clean the battery terminals and connectors. Check the battery cables. Check the alternator output. If that's fine, then it seems very likely that you have a short. Given that the car is 17 years old, that opens up the possibility of a simple short somewhere from wires rubbing/fraying.

    Another remote possibility is that some switch is stuck in an On position and draining charge. I once had a battery dying on me for no apparent reason until I found that the blower control for a rear seat heater fan was stuck on in the low position. Really couldn't hear it running from the front seat, but it sucked enough charge that the engine wouldn't crank!
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