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2 out of the three controls don't work on my climate control panel 2003 dodge dakota

kevin215kevin215 azPosts: 2
edited October 2018 in Dodge
2 out of the three controls don't work on my climate control panel 2003 dodge dakota. Started with the level selector getting stuck on floor and mid, then a month later the temperature selector stopped working, the blower knob works fine


  • kevin215kevin215 azPosts: 2
    temperature selector only blowing hot air
  • PollywogglesPollywoggles ontario, canadaPosts: 3
    Kevin 215 I suggest you check your blend door to see if it is operating properly. If not, you can get the blend door actuator from a parts store. Then you should be able to replace it and it should work ok. If it still doesn't operate properly then I would check your control on the dash board which is just a panel that you plug your wiring harness into. Its not hard to replace. You need to take the surround off and there is bolts that you need to remove to actually remove the controls from your dash. Then you just unplug the wiring harness from it and remove. I hope this helps you.
  • PollywogglesPollywoggles ontario, canadaPosts: 3
    Kevin215 I also forgot to tell you that you may need to check your blower motor resistor too to make sure its not burning up on you too. I hope you get it solved. Please let me know how you make out with your dakota.
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