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Oldsmobile Alero Starting-Stalling Problems



  • I have a 2002 Olds Alero with 115000 miles on it. Having the problem of it cranking but just will not fire. I have noticed the security light coming on when I'm trying to start it. Also all of the windows roll down except the driver side. I found this kind of odd but am not for sure what the problem is. I was told that it could be the fuel pump, one of the coils, but am just not for sure. Any help or advise will help tremendously.

  • agilentagilent Posts: 2
    I just experienced same problem on my Alero 2000. I had turned the car off and was sitting in the car with key in off position. in a few minutes, i tried to start the car but wouldn't start, noticed the security light blinking.
    i think it took about 10-15 minutes when i noticed the security light was gone. i restarted and it worked fine. for last 3 days it has worked fine now. though i am worried that it could happen again.
    hjohio, have you experienced same issue again.
    i've a feeling that passlock sensor is going but not sure.
    any suggestions.
  • arich02sarich02s Posts: 3
    My 02 Alero will not start when the temperature is hot outside. It will start in the morning and evening when the weather is cool. It seems like if the temperature is above 80 and sits in direct sunlight it will not start. The radio, lights and everything work but it will not fire. I was on a business trip last weekend in a much cooler place (about 70 degree) and it started perfectly every time. We already replaced the battery, fuel filter and air filter. It did not help. Please help me!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Does it crank but not start, or does it do nothing?
  • andy74andy74 Posts: 1
    I have an 03 Alero and about a month ago replaced the fuel pump ($600). The car started fine for about a week. Then all of a sudden it wouldn't start in the afternoons. After a week of the same thing, starting every morning and every night, I realized that it just won't start if the temperature is greater than 80 degrees. It tries to start, but then eventually the battery starts to wear down. It also has a brand new Interstate battery in it. My security light is not on. Any suggestions would be wonderful.
  • arich02sarich02s Posts: 3
    It cranks but won't fire. Usually if I keep trying and wait a little bit in between it will start after the 3rd or 4th try. There was only once when I had to wait until the next morning to start it when it was cool.
  • went757went757 Posts: 9
    I would sugguest checking for trouble codes. Auto zone and alot of other places will do this for free. The connection for the obd2 scanner is underneath the dash by the steering column. There is a IAT temp sensor located in the ductwork between the airfilter and the throttlebody. Its job is to sense the temperature and then send the signal to the computer so it knows how long to keep the fuel injectors open based on the input from that sensor and others. The sensor might have a bad or corroded electrical connection to it. There is also the sensor that sends a signal to the temp guage and the computer located near the thermostat housing. Most likely its the IAT sensor. A can of electrical connection cleaner from the auto store should help clean the connections.
  • neecie577neecie577 Posts: 3
    This has happened to me two times in a week now, The security light comes on,, then the car dont start,, I put the key in the ignition for ten minutes, then it starts. Is there a way to shut this stupid security light off for good???
  • msdavid1msdavid1 Posts: 2
    my security light is on but not blinking on my 2002 oldsmobile alero what should i do? it turns over but wont start
  • jprocjproc Posts: 135
    I had the sensors cleaned and switched to 89 octane gas.Been about 2 months now and the car is starting fine.Their is a TSB out on this problem and the above action is the recommended first step.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    For now turn on the ignition and wait 10 mins to see if it resets per the manual.
    Then decide if you want to have fixed or disabled.
  • albert14albert14 Posts: 2
    you have to put your key in the ignition and turn it to the on position for 15 miniuts after that turn the key off take it out then try and start your car.
  • albert14albert14 Posts: 2
    i recently puchesed a 2002 oldsmobile alero 2.2l 5 speed and at certain times of the day it wont start in fact it dose nothing no dash lights and it dose not turn over or attempt to its making me mad right know my car is sitting in a parking lot because it did nothing at all when i turned the key but tomorrow around noon it will probably start someone help!!!!!!!!!!
  • mikeb17mikeb17 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Olds Alero. It does not start or even try to crank when I turn the key. There are no dash lights, no auto headlights, power windows do not work. It does nothing. There is no action at all. It acts like there is no battery at all in it. Had battery checked. It is fine. Security light was not blinking or on the last time it ran. Is it maybe a chip in the key issue? Can anything be disabled to correct?
  • went757went757 Posts: 9
    It sounds like it is a issue with the battery cables not making good contact with the battery terminals. Or it could be that the negitive terminal is not grounded to the engine frame very good. I would take the cables off and ensure that the terminals are shiny and not corroded. Use a volt meter to test the voltage at the terminals. Take the caps off and use a hydrometer to verify all cells are good. Perhaps the terminals were not removed when the battery was checked.
  • arich02sarich02s Posts: 3
    I tried cleaning the IAT sensor, it hasn't helped. I had it checked out by a dealer and they said that my fuel pump is failing. Does this sound right to anybody? or does anyone have any other suggestions.
  • went757went757 Posts: 9
    If the engine is a V6 there is a test fitting on the passenger side of the car in the fuel rail where you can connect a fuel pressure gauge. If the dealer just checked that and got a low pressure reading it could be due to other causes. The fuel filter should be changed,it could be partially clogged. Another thing to check is the fuel pressure regulator. Its possible that it could be part of the problem. If you have the fuel pressure tester gauge hooked up and then disconnect the vacuum hose going to the regulator you will see a difference in pressure. If the regulator ispartially stuck open then its sending the fuel back to the tank instead of keeping the fuel for the injectors. Hope this helps.
  • cleangrylcleangryl Posts: 4
    how you know so much. I am going to report this to oldsmobile on Monday because I am having the same problem. Let them know this should be a recall since a lot of people is having this problem. I have already informed them of this problem and they want me to take it to the dealer to be put on the machine. I am not willing to pay $70 plus dollars for something that may be a recall to have checked.
  • harrieharrie Posts: 3
    hi, I have a alero too 1999 3.4 also I was going to the dealer, no result many people have the problem with the blinking security light, nobody can fix it.
    why oldsmobile dont work on this problem.This is one the most stupid problems I had on a car, for the rest the car is ok, but the alarm is a big problem from olds. and never they do something about this.
    harrie borger
  • agilentagilent Posts: 2
    i am experiencing same problem. while driving security light comes on and stays on. when you stop the car and restart, the light goes away. gm service tech said to bring the car for diagnostic test, ensure to have the light still on. the cost about $100 to test it. they will provide a written report for the problem and the cost to fix it.

    he said to get it fixed before car is stranded. kind of scary.

    any suggestions? thx, aa :confuse:
  • janeo22janeo22 Posts: 18
    My 2003 olds alero did this just last week. I got a jump and brought it to my local Tireplus (which is where I've developed a good relationship w/ a master mechanic). They replaced the battery (the old one was original factory, and the testing they did proved that it was going). Also the alternator was tested and needed a new belt. It cost me $78.98 with a $20 off coupon to have the entire problem taken care of. Make sure your fuel filter (this isn't the filter that is changed during an oil change) has been checked out also, that will cost about $65.00 to change as well. I have tried very hard to keep my schedule of manufacturer recommended checks and repairs to my 2003 Alero, and it has 55,000 miles and runs great. I would recommend developing a good relationship with a mechanic. If they are passionate about car's, they will help you. The Alero has a reputation for nickle and dime repairs at least every 10,000 miles, so keep up on your maintenance, and that should help lessen the financial blow. I still like my car very much.
  • My 2000 Alero has the same issue. It is not a security problem, and the fuel pump is fine. Changed the pump relay didn't work. When the problem originally started a few months ago, I would just keep turning the car over for a good 20 minutes and the car would eventually start. Afterwards the car would start up fine on every subsequent attempt to start. Today it did it again, and I read on a forum that someone had whacked the gas tank and it got the car to start, so that is what I tried. Low and behold, it worked. So now my thinking is that is is either a bunk fuel filter, or there is something floating around in the fuel tank and every now and then gets caught at the fuel line hole. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I could try to clean out my fuel tank. I fear my only option is to get a new fuel tank installed.
  • audgyrl74audgyrl74 Posts: 1
    Ok I just purchased a used 1999 Alero coupe. 6 cyl. Well I didnt have it 2 days, and now it doesnt want to start is it due to the heat? I have read alot of different things from people in here talking about fule filters, and pumps and things. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR CARS? :confuse: :lemon:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Can you provide more symptoms? Like does the engine spin when you try to start? Is the security light on? Does it start but then die right away? Anything else?
  • jmlee1jmlee1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Olds Alero. I had the same problem with my security light flashing and then the car wouldn't start. The trick to finding out what the problem when the light starts flashing and the car fails to turn over..don't try it again. Tow it to the dealership (luckily mine was only 3 miles away so the tow was free)..the dealer needs to run a diagnostic on the car. But once the car eventually turns over..the information in the computer gets wiped out. thus the reason not to try and turn it over again. The problem ended up being that the passlock sensor on my car was going bad and it finally quit....thus the reason the security light kept flashing... the cost to fix was about $500. Once the security light starts flashing it cuts off the fuel injection system... luckily for me...I didn't blow out the passlock component system because that would have been a huge expense. Hope this helps
  • jrbakerjrbaker Posts: 1
    a couple weeks back my sisters security light kicked on for her 2002 alero. we reset it with the 10 min key reset. it worked fine. now it don't start, no lights come on. any ideas if these could be related?
  • I had the exact same problem today, and the exact same fix has worked for me. I bet my dealer would've charged me at least $300.

    Thank you!
  • I have a 2002 Alero with the same problem of the security light starts blinking if I try to start the car to fast or if it doesn't start on the first try. This light starts blinking. According to the manual you have to turn the ignition off and the back to the on position and leave it there for ten minutes. The security light will go off. After you turn the ignition off and then try to start the car it usually works. My problem is that this keeps happening. I'm afraid it will eventually stop working. You say there's a sensor that had to be replaced? Is there a recall on this? Have you had any more problems since changing out the sensor?
  • stevenzstevenz Posts: 1
    what sensors are you talking about? I have had to do the security resest thing now twice in 3 days. Does anyone know how to bypass this BUll @!##????
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    The sensor that is in question is on the ignition switch. It's called a Hall effect sensor. It runs about $400 to repair. There's no recall and not likely to be since it's not considered a safety issue by the NTSB. There are TSB's out concerning it though. Just occasionally it's a different problem (corrosion on BCM connector, or BCM itself) but usually it's that sensor.
    Your right, it usually only gets worse over time.
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