2007 Saturn Ion Not Starting Possible Short

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Good Afternoon,
I made a pretty bad mistake with my 2007 Saturn Ion Sedan 2.2 liter Ecotech yesterday. I went to jump the AC resistor to get the AC compressor to turn on and I accidentally put my jump wire in the fuse box hole for the AC diode. It immediately stalled out the engine and now it will not start again. All the accessories work but when you turn the key to start, everything goes blank and will until it goes back to accessory. My friend had a good Snap On scanner and it is not throwing any codes and we were able to make all of the accessories and gauge cluster function with the scanner. Any Ideas?
We checked all the fuses. We are getting power to the starter relay. We were also able to jump the starter and through the relay and start the car briefly but then it shuts off like the computer is shutting the injectors off.


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    I looked at the schematic. Here is a section of it showing the diode.

    Since the diode grounds voltage spikes when the clutch turns off, for anything to have happened you must have connected to the ground side of the diode circuit. The hot side of the diode would be connected to power anytime the AC clutch is commanded on so that wouldn't have done anything. I suspect that the ground for the diode and run/crank relay might be damaged. That's easy enough to check, just see if you measure a voltage drop on that relay ground circuit with the key on and you can do that right where you made the improper connection as well as at the relay.
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