Nissan Quest MPG: Real World Numbers

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This is the place to share your actual mileage with other Quest owners.


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  • tjshantjshan Member Posts: 28
    What the hell, might as well be first to post a reply.

    2006 Quest SL with Sp Ed pack, bought 5/30/06, as of today 2504 mostly highway miles. We bought the car in MD, live in NY and are now in MN, so lots of travelling lately.

    if you go by the trip moniter, which I think is pretty accurate, we are getting 25.6 MPGpretty heavily loaded, 2 adults, 1 kid and a dog and all sundry stuff. Have not actually figured the fill up to fill up way yet, but it feels about right.

    BTW, anyone notice that when the trip/Milage reading says you have no more miles to go untill empty the :) tank only takes 15 gallons to fill. I checked and it is supposed to be a 20 gallon tank. 5 gallon reserve seems high. Also, the last 1/4 tank goes down real fast so I think the tank is not real rectangular.

    Anyone else notice this?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I haven't updated my spreadsheet for three months but the last five tanks were 19.7, 20.4, 22.5, 20.9 and 21.2 mpg.

    This is for my 1999 GXE with ~108,000 miles on it.

    Lifetime mpg is 21.4.

    Steve, Host
  • garandmangarandman Member Posts: 524
    Average for last two 5K intervals was 22.9 and 23.7.

    Last highway trip average 22.7 on the way out and 25.9 on the way back. 75mph on the highway with three adults, three kids and luggage.

    Under the dictionary for Motor, they should have a picture of the Nissan V6.....
  • motonationmotonation Member Posts: 34
    Bought new, now has 206k on the clock. Just did a 1500 mi trip, averaged just over 26mpg. Normal around town/highway mix is about 22mpg.

    I can't complain too much, but this 'ol girl can't compare to 2006 engine technology and performance. :)
  • exploder750exploder750 Member Posts: 159
    2004 Quest S, bought used a year ago, 66,700 miles. Fram Air Hog engine air filter, Quaker State synthetic oil. 180 mile round trip, mostly 60-65mph speed limit with some stop & go and slower (45mph) areas. Averaged trip speed of 49mph overall. 40-50 degrees F outside, relatively calm day. Fairly flat terrain, a few gradual up & down slopes. Regular gas, (10% ethanol). Computer showed 27.4 MPG, and usually is about +1MPG high, so I'd estimate we did around 26.5MPG. Very happy with this :D , considering it's a big mini-van. I monitored the MPG computer closely and noticed the MPG would start to deteriorate at 70MPH, so kept to within speed limits of 65MPH most of the time.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    Yes, my tank does the same as well...I even had them check it at a service interval. I rarely put in over 15-16 gallons.

    MPG CITY: always below 19...17-18 usually. Very short trips 5 min driving.

    Highway never above 24mpg (usually 80mph or so...AC loaded etc).
  • smile100smile100 Member Posts: 20
    My 1999 Nissan Quest GXE has 24.7 mpg (50% city, 50% highway with 62 mpg driving speed.)
  • slalomskieslalomskie Member Posts: 2
    I bought used 06 with 20k miles, 2 tanks just city driving averaging around 16-17 mpg. Any ideas what I can do to increase. :)
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    That sounds about right...

    I get 17-19 in mixed driving (05 SE). When I check the trip computer my average speed is about 20mph...lots of idling time, drive through usually hard acceleration :) . The only time I get above 20 is when it's strictly highway 23 was my best (hilly...with AC)

    With the new EPA're right on target
    Compare Old and New MPG Estimates

    Other than making sure it's in good working order and the tires are at the right pressure, there isn't much. I brought this up with my Nissan service tech and he said it was because I wasn't using Premium...which is recommended but not required. I've tried numerous tanks in a row...on different occasions (winter/summer) but don't see any differences.
  • haropharop Member Posts: 59
    > Any ideas what I can do to increase.

    Drive more :)

    When we bought our van in 97, we were getting 220-240 from a full tank. Now, just above 100K, we are getting 300-320. I think the real change has happenned somewhere after 50K and gradually improved up to now.

    I hope same to happen to my Armada :)
    I am getting only 13-15 MPG :cry:

  • exploder750exploder750 Member Posts: 159
    2004 Quest S, 76,000 miles, Quaker State synthetic oil, Fram Air Hog air filter, regular gas, 87 octane. Outdoor temp approx. 39F, calm day, 190 mile round trip, fairly flat roads, overall average of 49mph, never exceeded 65mph. Computer showed 28.4 mpg overall. The computer tends to show approx. 1 mpg high, so I'd estimate we did about 27.4 mpg. Very pleased with this, it's about 1 mpg better than our last similar trip this past October. :shades:
  • ernie144ernie144 Member Posts: 5
    Last vacation, one way the traffic was sparse, and kept the cruise on 72 (yes, my mileage falls off quite a bit above 70). Got 23.5 mpg. Return trip, more traffic, so couldn't use the cruise, but still averaged about 71 (per computer) and got 25.5 mpg. I've noticed the cruise tends to downshift a lot, so maybe I'm smarter than the car :)
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    I've noticed the cruise tends to downshift a lot, so maybe I'm smarter than the car

    Exactly, it down-shifts all the without it you gain "free" acceleration when going down hill if you speed a little; with the cruise it keeps you at the set speed going down hill, then freaks out when the decent stops and it encounters an uphill...annoying.
  • jgerraughtyjgerraughty Member Posts: 6
    Van has 86k on it, and has never gotten better than 21 mpg hwy even at relatively close to the 65 mph speed limit in the northeast. Averages 18 mpg around town. Not great, but not horrible either.
  • rick_wallyrick_wally Member Posts: 8
    17.5 - 20mpg. Driving style makes all the difference.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Member Posts: 1,681
    Somewhat, idling for 45mins also cuts into your mileage (wife waiting for school pick up).
  • diesel_dawg80diesel_dawg80 Member Posts: 1
    It definatly varies on driving style my wife can usually average around 22 mpg... mostly hwy with a little stop and go... if i drive it i can usually get around 24 mpg...mostly hwy... On a recent trip home from NYC we hade 7 people and coolers and strollers and a full trunk and i was gettin 28 mpg riding home on i95... was very impressed... Love my Quest...most economical family car around... i can even fit my 10 ft aluminum jonboat in the back for a trip to the lake :)
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