Saturn Vue Noise, Rattles and Vibration

tmacrocktmacrock Member Posts: 1
I have a 2006 Saturn Vue and if drive with the sunroof open and the driver side window open I get periodic thumps or knocks from below the front seats or the dashboard (not really sure where it is coming from).

If I open additional windows or close the driver side window it goes away. I am sure it is an air flow issue.

Anyone else experience this?


  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    It's an air flow issue. Go down the road with only the back windows open and the thumping will be unbearable! My 2005 does the same thing.
  • waynenwaynen Member Posts: 5
    My 2004 ,6cyl VUE now has 50K and has had the persistent rattle since 35K. No one else has mentioned that their dealer has tried to replace the control arm bushings. I now have had these right side bushings changed 3 different times and each time they only last for two to three thousand miles each time. My dealer has no idea what to do from here. This noise is louder as the weather stays below 60 degrees. Has anyone experienced this same frustration?
  • biovuebiovue Member Posts: 1
    Hello all. I have an '06 Vue that I've owned for about 9 months. I have noticed a rattle coming from my rear hatch when driving. I seems to be coming from inside of the hatch panel. To me, it sounds like it's metal against metal. It's been getting worse. I've scheduled an appointment with the dealer. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem?
  • windigowindigo Member Posts: 1
    Look at your brake caliper. They become loose on the pins. They have to change pins, put a special grease then you go!
  • waynenwaynen Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply!!
    It now seems that I have a rare problem. You sound like you have my answer.
    Thanks So Much :)
  • waynenwaynen Member Posts: 5
    I've had the same rattle on my '04 and it was annoying. They will find the retainer clip on the inside gate panel to be bad. You can tap on the panel while the gate is open and it will stop till you pull on the inside notch out to close the gate. I don't think they have enough clips on such a large panel. Good Luck
  • chiflychifly Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone help me with this issue? I recently purchased a brand new 07 Vue. Within the first few days of driving it, I could feel an annoying vibration in the seat, when I was idling either in park or at a stop light in drive with foot on brake. The antenna rattles at a high frequency also. I don't notice it at all when driving. I took it in for service and they said I needed a new catalytic converter (only had the vehicle 2 weeks at this point). They replaced the c.c. and I could still feel the vibration. When I complained again, they told me now this in "normal" for a 4-cylinder....huh? I notice that the vehicle idles around 500rpm...if I give it a little gas when in park or stopped, the vibration stops. Is 500rpm a normal speed for idling?
  • cpinkertoncpinkerton Member Posts: 1
    I don't think your problem is rare. I have a 2006 V6 and I've taken it back to the dealer three times in the 19 months I've owned it to figure out what I call a "bobbling" noise in the front. They've replaced rotors, bushings, etc. It's fine for about 24 hours, then it's back. It becomes noticeable when you're just rolling, going over a bumpy road in a parking lot, street, at very low speed even.
    Now I've become hyper-sensitive to the road noise under the car,too, especially on the highway. I have to turn the radio up really loud to counteract the noise. The tires are still new and the tire place said upgrading from the factory installed Bridgestones wouldn't improve the noisiness of the car. Any magic solutions to all my woes? I'm really not a whiner! I loved this car when I bought it. :( Thanks!
  • tkcoloradotkcolorado Member Posts: 39
    Any magic solutions to all my woes? I'm really not a whiner!

    Umm... come drive my Geo Tracker Convertible for a week and when you get back into your VUE you will fall in love with it all over again. Road noise.. ha. (just kidding of course)
  • mtnvuemtnvue Member Posts: 2
    I recently had the cradle replaced on my 2004 vue, and now seem to have acquired a clattering noise from the front end. It is worse when starting off while turning or going over
    bumpy roads... Any ideas??
  • waynenwaynen Member Posts: 5
    My noise is only in the winter and I haven't heard of anyone having a cradle replaced.
  • waynenwaynen Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone received a letter about API filing for Chapter 11.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I don't see anything in the news about them. You could try asking in the Extended Warranties discussion.
  • mtnvuemtnvue Member Posts: 2
    After visiting the dealer, it turns out my rattle is from the front left torsion arm. If anyone else is experiencing from end noise, check that.
  • novue1novue1 Member Posts: 1
    We have had similar noises with our 05 vue, awd v6. A vibration that comes and goes at speeds around 25-45mph. We took it in 3 times and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Now we are out of warranty, 45k miles, and they say it is the torque converter. What kind of torque converter goes out at 45k? We have been going around and around with the dealership about who should pay for it. we finally got them to pay for the whole thing, labor and parts, we had to suffice them with a brake job and regular matinence job but it sure is better than what it would have been. Bottom line. Saturn knows there is a problem, we have read story after story about dealers not finding the problem then finding it after the warranty runs out. We are getting rid of our Saturn and never getting in one again.
  • vue2005awdv6vue2005awdv6 Member Posts: 1






  • lmadzmlmadzm Member Posts: 3
    Well, the dealer thinks they have finally found the problem of my "chirping" sound. It is the air conditioning unit specifically the clutch. It turns out that it chirps when I am shifting gears and it is on. I initially complained about this noise in June 2007. They told me it was the sway bar end links at the time. I didn't want to pay for the repair because I had just had fixed another noise - similar sound but constant and louder. Anyway, I finally took it in Feb. because I couldn't live with the sound anymore. Well, they replaced the sway bar links.. Still made the sound. I took it back several times. After paying for a diagnostic, they figured it out. Initially they were going to make me pay the full cost of the repair of over a $1,200. I complained and they are going to give me a discount. I still haven't had the car repaired. So I am not sure if it is the right fix. It turns out their equipment is down and awaiting parts. :(
  • ktheckthec Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Vue AWD. Though I love the vehicle there have been many problems.
    A couple of the latest ones are:
    When driving the vehicle for about 30 minutes a squeal would start and progressively get louder. After many trips to the dealer it was finely discovered that it was the carrier bearing. Problem fixed, warranty
    New problem, all of a sudden my side mirror adjuster stop working as well as the door unlock mechanism. I think that these is a connected problem, maybe a bad fuse.
    Then there is another noise. This seems like more of a vibration. It usually happens when the air conditioning is on. It kind of sounds like going over rough road, even though driving on very smooth surfaces. It only last a few seconds then stops.
    So I have an appointment tomorrow morning. I am thinking that at least one thing will be fixed. The vibration is probably going to take time
  • lmadzmlmadzm Member Posts: 3
    update: chirping is finally gone for now. I had the car serviced in May and by June it was making the same sound all over again. This time they replaced the air conditioning clutch and some thing else in there free of charge. They had to keep the car for several days. So, far no chirping sound. For those of you who hear a sound coming from the front, make sure the air conditioning/heater is off. If you run your car with the system on it is a good bet that this is what is making the chirping sound. I love my car but hate the repairs that I have had to do. I don't think I will be getting another american car again. :P
  • rgsurgrgsurg Member Posts: 1
    I have a saturn vue 2003 4 cyl2.2. its got 75000 miles on it. has been running great till lately i hear a sound which is a continuous goonnn sound comes at speed of 30 and persists till the speed is below 30. No sound when the car is idling. I recently had an oil change, I use synthetic 5/30 mobil. can anyone help me. I need directions so that when i go to the mechanic they dont rip me off and i know exactly what to ask
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Sounds like a bad wheel bearing...any good mechanic will know the sound as soon as he hears it.

    Good Luck,
  • lmadzmlmadzm Member Posts: 3

    Try driving without the air on. It might be the air conditioning unit. That was my problem. No sound during idle, but started up once I started increasing my speed. It was a VERY annoying. I drive with my air on (cool & heat). Anyway, drive around with it off and see if the sound continues. If that is the sound then it is the a/c clutch or the a/c compressor. It was several visits and my complaining that they figured out what the problem was even though I initially complained about hearing the sound with the air on. This was a big pain in the ...... to get the dealer to finally fix. After paying for several wrong repairs, they finally fixed it without cost.

    good luck.
  • loader73loader73 Member Posts: 1
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Seeing how Saturn likes to charge before asking if you have the warranty.. I have a vibration in my 2006 Vue only at slow speeds.. If I am on city streets and I give it a little gas while moving it will vibrate the whole truck.. It doesn't happen on highway speeds... Where can this be coming from?

    Also on a side note.. I had it in the shop already for the Main computer going down twice, two wheel bearings, and the tires lasted no time at all, 20,000 miles....

    Thank you :cry: :confuse:
  • vinsharvinshar Member Posts: 3
    Just after 25K miles use and nearly 2 years use, I hear excessive hissing sound from passenger side mirrors. Anybody experiencing, any suggestion or recommendation.
  • wswierwswier Member Posts: 1
    If it's a rattling noise check the right front caliper. The brackets on my 2006 VUE have been replaced allready several times and it's keeps coming back after approx. 2000 mile.
  • nvealenveale Member Posts: 3
    2005 FWD 4 cyl. Vue, more of a knocking noise coming from under trunk when stopped at a light. Always done it.
  • searching1321searching1321 Member Posts: 3
    I'm purchasing a 2008 Vue XR w/navigation, leather interior, fully loaded, but no sunroof. The dealer says one can be cut in.

    I'm worried about air noise and water leakage if not done correctly. Could be a continuous headache for me.

    My other option is going with a 2009 and eat the $2,000.00 incentive.

    What are your opinions?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Skip the sunroof and save the 2 grand. While it is possible to get a good install on an aftermarket sunroof, I'd personally be afraid to chance it.
  • bugzy54bugzy54 Member Posts: 3
    my 06 vue was just diagnosed for the same thing, the torque converter is gone, get it in, it didn't come up on the computer, they test drove it and had to hear it. they didn't diagnose mine till after the warranty was expired, $2000 later!!!
  • bugzy54bugzy54 Member Posts: 3
    have them check the torque converter, i have the same problem with mine, sounds like i'm going over a rumble strip every now and then, cost is $2k if your not under warranty, i'm concerned this might be more of a common problem for us 06 owners then we know
  • bugzy54bugzy54 Member Posts: 3
    i was having a problem with a front end noise since i purchased my vue but i could not be diagnosed because it never registered a computer code. now it's so bad it sounds like i am driving over a rumble strip at times, this does not happen constantly, just at 30-40 or 50mph when i drive at that consistant speed. it still does not register on the computer but the mechanic finally after driving it for 10mi felt the vibration for a "few seconds" the torque converter is gone and since I have 49K miles on it, not covered, the extended warranty i purchased, also doesn't cover it. $2k, but Saturn will be willing to SPLIT the cost with me!! My ? is, how many other 06 vue owners have or are having this same problem? I don't think I owe for this and am interested how common this issue is with this vehicle.
    thanks for helping
  • lardladlardlad Member Posts: 1
    Just got a 2008 Vue XR and enjoying it, but not liking the LOUD turn signal. Is there a way to change this? Modify?
  • captainb2captainb2 Member Posts: 1
    Bearings on front end of Vue replaced and a strange noise is happening now. Year is 2003 when turning left or right rattling noise happens, going straight no noise. But when car parked if you push drivers side up and down you get a squeaking noise. I think it is bad strut and questioned mechanic on why he did not hear it, but got a strange look from him back. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  • bri_brobri_bro Member Posts: 4
    I had read of wind noise issues on Vues (on message boards like this one), but it didn't seem to be a consistent issue among customers. So after I test drove a 2006 Vue from a dealership and didn't hear any wind noise, I thought it was an isolated issue. So, I purchased one a few days ago with the help of a dealer through an auction.

    However, when I travel over 50km/h, I hear a consistent hum as the air passes over the windshield. I also hear some noise coming from the driver's side door but noticed some of the rubber had become loose. I figured if I reattach the piece at the door, that noise should disappear.

    Has anyone had any success with reducing or eliminating the constant humming as the air passes over the windshield? I don't believe it is caused by the windshield wipers or the roof rack.

    Other than this issue, I have no other complaints and love the power I get from the Honda engine!

    Any information I receive would be greatly appreciated!
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    To test whether the windshield seal is responsible for the noise, you can place masking tape over the seal. If the noise goes away when driving with the tape in place then you've found the source.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • bri_brobri_bro Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Tidester for getting back to be so soon and the wonderful suggestion.

    I tried the tape but unfortunately, it didn't take away the noise.

    I was able to contact the original person who leased the Vue and she said that the noise was there from the start. She admitted that she just didn't realize it was so bad until she got another vehicle.

    Has anyone else noticed the pronounced wind noise when travelling on the highway? Are there any other ideas on troubleshooting the root cause and how it can be fixed?

    Brian :cry:
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    One more thought - are you sure the noise is coming from the windshield? External mirrors or something else might be responsible.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • bri_brobri_bro Member Posts: 4
    Sounds like another possibility. I'll have to look into it and find some other 2006 Vue owners and ask more questions.

    Thanks again for your help,
    Brian :)
  • vinsharvinshar Member Posts: 3
    Hi to all,
    2006 model is great and fun to drive, I think mainly two reasons: Engine and Transmission from Honda (similar in use with Acura).
    Noise is troublesome and as per dealer this is design deficiency or GM does not care. There is no wonder people are less interested in buying GM vehicles as reliability for the life of vehicle is not there.
  • bri_brobri_bro Member Posts: 4
    Hello Tidester,

    Well, I think I may have figured out the source of the wind noise - when I was barbecuing dinner! While outside, the wind was blowing quite a bit and I heard the "humming or buzzing" noise that I had heard while previously driving.

    As it turns out, it appears to be coming from the roof (luggage) rack. As the winds swirled around, the sound would increase and decrease accordingly. For now, this mystery has been solved!

    Thanks again for you insight!
    Brian :D
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    That's great! Let us know if you come up with a remedy to eliminate the noise.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Sometimes crossbars get installed backwards so you may want to try swapping them around.
  • greyboatgreyboat Member Posts: 2
    I have also had a number of problems with sevice at my local Saturn dealership. "New knid of car company" What crap!

    I have been getting excellent service for my 2005 FWD Vue at a Chevrolet dealership. After all, the Equinox and Vue are almost identical.

    Give it a try, you might be surprised.
  • greyboatgreyboat Member Posts: 2
    After repalcing the strut plate to cure a creaking noise when making left turns, my dealer now tells me that did not fix the problem and that the Control Arm needs to be replaced. (2005 FWD Vue) and wants $377 for just the part. I have read procedures about replacing control arm bushings. Can anyone tell me why the entire control arm has to be replaced?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    You should check your swaybar links as they have been known to make creaks when you turn the wheel - the parts are cheap and you can do it yourself if you're comfortable working on it.

    The links attach the swaybar to the strut. If you look there you'll see them. Grab one in the middle and turn it left and right. It should pivot freely. If its bad, you might even hear the creak that you describe. There's one on each side and they're approx 1 foot long and standing straight up when you look at them.

    You can get the part with a warranty at Autozone for about $ 40.00 and replacement is 2 bolts and about 30 minutes if you're working slowly. If you need more info, post back and I'll find a picture.

    Good Luck :shades:
  • cryogenicscryogenics Member Posts: 3
    I have realized this since several weeks ago on my 2008 V4 VUE with barely 10K miles on it. Every time I started my VUE and switch it to Drive and gave it a little gas. After several second driving when the gear changed for the first time, then after about 1 second of that, I could hear a click noise from underneath the car. Nothing was felt, but the click noise could definitely be noticed. After that, everything would be fine until the next time I started my car. It seems like ONLY happened every time the car was started. After starting, it won't happen again even I switched from D to P and switched it back, et al.

    Anybody had the same issue? Any suggestions? Is this the Solenoid self checking sound? Thanks!
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Sure sounds like the ABS self check.
  • cryogenicscryogenics Member Posts: 3
    Thanks! When did this ABS self check usually happen? Each time the car was started? Also, why the noise happened after the gear switched for the first time?
  • ajspeed6ajspeed6 Member Posts: 1
    Kthec, my Vue is making that same vibration noise that you discribed? I sounded like a rough road and would only last 5 to 8 seconds. What did the dealer find as the cause of the noise?
  • jlytxjlytx Member Posts: 1
    Did you fix the problem? Do you have a vibration or noise when you step a little at gas?
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