2006 forester heating/aircon controls

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Hi all..im new to here and was just wanting to ask if anyone knows how to change my 2006 forester heater/aircon controls from the old cable non electric type to the electric type..my year of car came with both as a option and im looking to upgrade partly because mine broke and partly because I purely like the look of the electric one better. Ive been told it cant be done but I dont understand how it can be so hard as its in some of the cars from my model anyway?? I have the electric head unit and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it can be done.and how much it would cost roughly..thanks for all your help.


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    The HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) also connects up to the ECM (engine control module) and the operating software is different depending on whether the car was originally built with manual or automatic HVAC system. So that's one problem that would not necessarily be impossible to overcome but pretty difficult. From there I could show you wiring schematics for the two systems, the manual system fits on one page while the automatic system takes two pages. You would also have to replace the plenum assembly to the one that has all of the electronic actuators for the automatic control head to command.

    Lastly there would be no instructions that would advise someone in advance of exactly what would need changed. That means it would take a little more than a day to physically swap all of the parts and then once that is done, attempt to make it run and then have troubleshoot anything that failed to work correctly. That process would have to repeat until all of the problems are corrected or else you give up on the project which of course would require everything that was removed to be reinstalled.
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