2000 silverado front squealing noise

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I just purchased a 2000 v6 2wd ls silverado. 750
miles and all is OK except for a squealing noise
that I hear only when I turn left. I turn the
wheel right and it is OK, but as soon as I start
turning left, the squeal starts. Any help out


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    I just got a 2000 LT 2wd and mine did the same thing. It did not make the noise until you drove it maybe 8 miles(seemed like it had to heat up. It was a bad rack and pinion. After dealer replaced it it has been great. Hope that helps you. Open hood and have someone turn the wheel and listen to the rack and pinion.
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    Thank you so much for your response. I am going to the dealer on Thursday 5/11/00 and when the person at the dealership went for a ride with me, he wasn't 100% sure what the noise was, so now I will print out your response and bring it with me. You MUST have had the same problem because I failed to mention that you had to drive the truck for a few miles before the noise started, and you mentioned it.
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    You were correct. It is Thursday, 5/11/00 @ 3:00 PM and the dealer had the truck all day. He finally read your response and told me that he took the truck out and drove it exactly 7 miles and started hearing the squealing noise. It is definitely the rack & pinion. The person that called didn't know why it made a noise only going left, but it is definitely the rack & pinion. They didn't have a part anywhere in the Rochester area, so they are going to fix it next Thursday. Thanks for the response, and I'll throw some words out next week and let you know how the repair worked. This chat thing really can help a few folks out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Boy I tell you this site is awesome I took my truck in for the same problems along with squeaking on the rear end. They are now going to replace the rear leaf springs and I am going to call them today and let them know where the squealing is coming from. Thanks for the info. This helped alot.
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    Well I took in my truck for the second time and turns out after I had already told them what was wrong it took them 2 days to come to the conclusion that it was the rack and pinion. So thanks again.
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    I originally wrote about this on 5/11/00. The dealer now has my new rack and I will be getting it repaired on 5/31/00. The delay was the part. A part was delivered but the dealer said a new part # was issued for the rack, meaning that the original rack part # (which was delivered) is wrong, and they are now delivering a new rack with a new part # to get rid of noise. So they say. I'll let you folks know how the installation goes.
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    I just got back from the dealer about my 2000 LT V8 3.73 having the squealing problem mentioned in this group. He told me that 2000 Silverados doesn't have rack and pinion steering. My squealing is coming from the left-front area and only happens when I'm turning left (like everyone else in this discussion). I drove it for a long time today and didn't hear anything...when other times I will. It happens about 50-60% of the time. He said since he can't duplicate it...he can't justify fixing it (makes sense). Anyone else's squealing intermittent? Thanks!
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    My PS pump does it at temps below 0F even when wheel pointed straight. Really noisey at -20F. No problems when warmer than that, I've just been living with it thus far. '99 4x4 Silverado, 4.8L
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    My truck is a V6 2000 LS and if you drive about 7 - 9 miles, it will squeal like clockwork when I turn the wheel left. I am getting a new rack put on today, I will let everyone know if it fixes my problem. The difference we have is you have a V8 with no rack??????
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    I have a 2000 V6 as well & I have a squeal when I turn the wheel to the left. I can only hear it at slow speeds (i.e. parking lot, etc.) I called the dealer & the advisor I talked to said his does the same thing & it is a problem with the "new-style" Chevy trucks & that GM has no fix for it. He said a bulletin should be sent when there is a fix. I am anxious to know if your new rack fixes the problem. I have a relative that has a 2000 LS w/5.3 & he has no squeal so I guess it is just with the V6.
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    It appears the squealing noise is fixed. The dealer finally got the part in and I drove all yesterday (5/31/00) afternoon taking a lot of left turns, and there was no noise. For aaronc1, the part # they replaced is 26087761, E9740 gear assembly. So, you can tell your dealer that GM does have a fix for it. I think you may have to wait a week or so for the part, but it's an easy fix for dealer. Remember, if your dealer takes your truck out, you have to drive it for 8 - 10 miles before the noise starts, and you don't even have to take a full left turn. Mine started making the noise as soon as I turned the steering wheel, I didn't even have to leave the dealers' garage to recreate my problem. Good luck.
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    I have a 00' 5.3L 2wd XC LT, and have the exact same problem. I have had it into the dealership 3 times.
    1st time : Dealership couldn't duplicate problem.
    2nd time : I took the service rep for a ride, about 15 miles and it was very plain by the time we returned. They replaced the power steering pump relief valve...
    3rd time : Today, they replaced the power steering pump...
    Noise has remained everytime, will the same fix that grayfirst mentioned work with the V8???
    any other V8 owner's had this problem??

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    I also own a '00 5.3L 2wd XC LT...and have the same exact squealing problem you have. I've had it into the dealership twice.

    1st time: Same as you. Could not duplicate.

    2nd time (today): 1st technician heard the problem, 2nd technician heard the problem. The "front end" guy did not hear the problem...and I was in the truck with him and heard it squealing like a pig. He got me back to the dealership and told me there was nothing he could do to fix it and he hasn't heard a quieter truck. He then tried to convince me that I would have to live with it and installing more parts would cause more problems. I even took a printout of post #11 in this group and he said that it couldn't be that.

    Any ideas? Should I take it to another dealer? I'm surprised that Chevy hasn't come out with a TSB or something on this. It seems like a pretty common problem with ALL trucks (V6 and V8...XC or RC).
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    if you filed a complaint with the nhtsa...it would go under investigation...if enogh complaints of the same origin...GM would have to find a solution and issue a TSB or recall if safety related...usually...as for your dealer..I think that is where your problem lies...talk to the General Manager to resolve issues that techs cannot duplicate. If not move on to another dealership...
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    Go to another dealer. I think when you go to a dealer, and have a pretty good idea what the problem is, and they don't agree, they either 1. don't want to spend their time fixing it, or 2. they don't have a mechanic good enough to fix it. The dealer I went to has a very large dealership and the sales people, staff and mechanics have been there an average of 15 years. I don't know what city you are in, but try going to the oldest and largest dealer in your area and I hope they will fix your problem. Another idea suggested was to go to the National Safety board. We had an area automobile dealers association and we could take our gripes to them and sometimes that worked. I don't know if you have that type of group in your area. Also, there is usually a GM District Manager type figure that you could gripe to, and that person will usually get back within 10 days with an answer. If you take this route, make sure they don't assign you to the dealer you had problems with.
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    Thanks obyone and grayfirst!

    I decided to give the dealer one more crack at it before I intended to elevated my dissatisfaction any higher. I took the truck (squeal and all) back in to my original dealer and once again went through the demonstration (it squealed when I turned the wheel left...didn't have to take it on the road). The service guy went ahead and ran a bulletin check on my vehicle and found one pertaining to that problem. They went ahead and ordered a gear box (sound familiar???) and it should be in tomorrow. Kinda ironic...the same guy who ordered the gear box is the same guy who 2 weeks ago said that the squeal couldn't be coming from there. Hehehehehe. I just want it fixed. Thanks everyone for all your help.
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