2007 Matrix has anyone heard

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We are thinking of a 2006 Matrix but can't seem to find anthing on whether a 2007 is being released? does anyone know. Going from a 2004 sport edition 4runner. any comments?


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    According to Motor Trend, the Matrix is due for a redesign in 2008. I had a Matrix XRS, and ended up trading it in for a 2004 Honda Civic. My clutch needed to be replaced after only 29,000 miles or so, and the interior plastics weren't holding up too well. Maybe buying the XR with the base engine would've been a better choice, but my Civic is really a more solid car.
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    last week I took 04 vibe to dealer and I salesman if he wanted me to buy my next car from his dealership. The problem uneven wear on tires. The car only has 32k on it and the inside of rear tires are nearly bald. They rented a buick for me and I picked vibe up next day it's still pulling to the right. I called service and told then and they said I would have to bring it back no time for that this week but I will take it back. I asked them to send me invoice on the work they did: when I had warranty work done before I got an invoice this time I haven't seen it in my mail yet. Also they changed oil and removed old oil sticker but didn't put a new on window. I am getting suspicious. Roy
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    For two months I've been trying to find info on the internet regarding the 2007 Matrix. Found nothing so far. Also, am thinking of buying the AWD model. Has anyone out there recently purchased an AWD Matrix? If so feedback on your experience with it would be appreciated.
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    I was at the dealler today and they said there will be no awd model in 2007. Stocks for the 2006 awd is getting scarce for certain colors. In Ottawa Canada, the dealer told me cosmic blue is in short supply in the awd model
    there are only 2 for availble for Eastern ontario
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    just a quick update for everyone, the 2007 Corolla Brochures are available at local dealers.

    I handle ordering for our dealership and have the first 07 Corollas hitting the first week of August, Matrixs are a few weeks behind...

    The Corolla spy pic everyone is looking at looks more like a 4 door hatchback Yaris, I'd hate to think that's what they are about to do to the Matrix... :sick:
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    They are discontinuing XRS ans AWD for 2007. Only base trim & XR.

    Arriving in August is the new 2007 special edition Matrix M-Theory package. The M-Theory adds several sporty exterior enhancements including unique Speedway Blue paint with matching rear deck lid spoiler, a large chrome exhaust tip and M-Theory badges. M-theory also features 17-inch Caldina alloy wheels with P215/50R17 tires, four wheel disc brakes, logo floor mats, and an individually numbered limited edition plaque. The M-Theory will also feature enhanced vehicle handling thanks to a standard sport tuned suspension and sport strut tower brace will also enhance vehicle handling.

    Only 2,500 units of the special edition Matrix M-Theory will be built. The Matrix M-Theory special edition package will carry a base manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,500.

    In addition to the M-Theory, the 2007 Matrix is available in two model grades: Standard and XR, which are carryover for the 2007 model year. Matrix MSRPs remain unchanged. The base MSRP for the Matrix starts at $15,260 for the Matrix Standard with a five-speed manual transmission to $17,570 for the XR with four-speed automatic transmission.

    The Matrix with all-wheel drive and Matrix XRS models have been discontinued for 2007.
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    I ordered a 2007 Matrix XR about 3 weeks ago. The estimated delivery date is mid September.
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    Is the Matrix good in the snow? I'm about ready to purchase a 2007 front wheel drive Matrix XR. I'm trying to find out how well it goes in the snow without putting on snow tires. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience with a front wheel (not all wheel) drive Matrix. Please respond by Sunday, 10/29! Thank you!
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    Our 2003 FWD Vibe did well in all but the worst snow conditions. It got me through a 60 mile blizzard trip in one piece. (I should NOT have done it... A one hour drive turned into 2.5 hours.)

    I would suggest replacing the OEM tires immediately. I recommend Goodyear Assurance Triple Tred tires. We have them on our HL and our daughter's G6. They're great! We have the Michelin Hydro Edge tires on our Matrix, better than OEM, but not near the tire that the Triple Treds are.

    Also, there's not a lot of ground clearance, so don't expect to be the first one down a road with 5+ inches of snow. We moved and now live on a hill, so we traded the Vibe for a 4WD Matrix and it's excellent in all conditions.
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    I purchased a 2007 XR Toyota Matrix (automatic) and have enjoyed the car very much, it handles very well and it offers a lot of cargo space. I presently fill up the tank with Regular gasoline; the salesman said that we should stick to one type of gasoline, but did not specify which type is the best for the car. Does anyone have any recommendations on what type of gasoline should be used (Regular, Midgrade, or Premium)? By the way, we live at sea level, so altitude is not an issue. Thanks!
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    Just use regular gas. By the way, how much did you pay out the door? what options does it have?
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    patch17, I hope you are still looking and didn't get the Matrix yet. If you need AWD check the Suzuki SX4, it's a small hatchback. you have the option to switch to FWD, AWD, or lock front and rear 50-50%. lots of safety features including front, side and rear curtain airbags. price much lower than Matrix. ;)
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