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what makes my mitsubishi Montero limted die after the engine gets good a warm I have new water pump new radiator new thermerthat new wires new plugs it run fine the first 30minet after that it will die on me and I let it cool down it will start a run get warm shut down let it cool it will run is it a bad choke or what please reply thanks


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    A quick google turned up this:

    Heat causes expansion. The ECU or the coil gets hot and expands. This expansion can separate a fine / broken circuit inside causing it to not be able to conduct the electric signal that tells the coil to spark, or it could be inside the coil and it simply can't deliver any spark even if the ECU is telling it to. In this situation, you can usually re-start the engine once it has had a chance to cool back down and it'll run just fine until it warms-up again and stalls. This is a tell-tale sign that there is a hair line fracture in the ECU's circuit or in one of the coil's windings that separates and loses connection when it gets hot and expands.

    Another thing that can cause this is the carb. It may be getting too much fuel once it’s warmed up. An engine needs more fuel when it’s cold than it does when it’s warm. Cold engines run inefficiently so they need more raw fuel to fire-up, and stay running. This is all a choke does. A choke plate closes-off the air going into the carb which makes the fuel mixture really rich so it can run. Less air = more fuel. You’ll also notice that cars with chokes also idle real high until they warm-up. This fast idle and the over rich mixture (due to lack of air), allows the engine to fire up and stay running. As the engine warms-up and starts burning fuel more efficiently, the choke plate begins to open, which slowly lets more air in and leans-out the air/fuel mixture. Once the engine is warmed-up, the choke plate will be wide open allowing the carb to run as it is supposed to with the correct metering of fuel and air.
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