Mid Size or Full Size SUVS - Automatic rear door (both open and close)

jl0810jl0810 28211Member Posts: 2
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Does anyone have a short list of SUVS( mid or full) that have a rear door that automatically open and closes? Does not have to be hands free- just fully automated on the open and close by a button press. Pref on model years 2015 and newer?

For instance the 2018 RX 330 does. But what else?


  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,052
    I bet the highly-optioned versions of most have that. Our 2008 MKX does.
  • jl0810jl0810 28211Member Posts: 2
    thanks - i thought that as well. Then just casually looking at the Lexus Gx470 noticed they had a side door that looked it did not do that. Just brought up other questions on what mid size to full size SUVS have not implemented. Thanks for the MDX reference.
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