Toyota Tundra Diesel?

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I just passed 120K on my 2004 4-runner without a single problem. I regularly tow 5000 lb horse trailer. I need a truck! I would like a diesel and I would like a Toyota. Any hope?


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    One is in the works when ULSD is readily available everywhere. Ditto the Tacoma, but also 4R?, Camry?, Corolla?, Yaris?
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    Yeah in probally 4 years Toyota will release thier next generation of the Tundra. Diesel will be avalible in the next generation. So I'd buy some other diesel truck now and then in 4 years get the Toyota Tundra Diesel.
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    I've heard rumors of a 1 ton diesel with and with out dual wheels in the rear by 2010. I've also heard Toyota was developing it with Caterpillar. Although I'm not sure why they would (develop the diesel w/ Cat) as Toyota has diesels all over the world that are very reliable engines.
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    toyota isn't going to buy engines from anyone. There's too much at stake to risk influence from a vendor, no matter how great Caterpillar (or Cummins) product may be. Take a peak at the specs for the 2.2 liter D-Cat used in Europe. If they can take those power figures (adjusted down 5% for addl. polution control)They would have competitive power and tourque numbers from a 4.4l V8. The Hi-Lux(same platform as the Tacoma) will soon be available with a HO version of the 3l I4.
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    Toyota Motor Corporation purchased 5.9% of Isuzu a couple of week's ago. Why? Word is that they are looking a their diesel development for Toyota trucks.
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    BINGO! we have a winner.
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    I have to disagree here. Isuzu and GM are linked with the DuraMax. I seriously doubt GM will just walkaway from what might be the best truck diesel on the market. I also doubt GM will allow the Tundra to also get the DuraMax to be in competition with the GMT900's.

    I believe the CAT deal is all but done but not announced.

    Toyota's midsized diesels are among the best in the world also so it doesn't need Isuzu there.

    But it does need Isuzu engineers. The one key resource that Toyota lacks is brainpower, not because it's dumb but it's expanding so fast there aren't enough good engineers to go around.

    In Tokyo Toyota announced that they are using the Isuzu expertise in small vehicles in order to develop a diesel hybrid by MY 2010.
    GreenCarCongress Toyota-Isuzu
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    Toyota is a major shareholder of Hino. I would guess that they would use a Hino diesel, since they own them...
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    I think that there is at least 3 ( now ) irons in the fire. I believe that I read that Hino is building a plant in OK. Hino certainly has the expertise..

    The 'unofficial' word is a yellow house pet. Maybe on Jan 8th there will be more known.
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    The tundra 5.7 with its triple tec frame is about three years old in the designing but new to the consumers. toyota is mostly trying to gain a part in the half ton market in the domestic vehicles like ford selling 900,000 f150's. Toyota does roughly 125,000 tundras ytd. But this truck is a step towards getting to diesel buyers. everyone knows you can plow with these right?
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    We're so frustrated with Ford/Chevy junk they call trucks and looking to get something reliable for snow plow/tree removal (need dump) business. We need 1 ton or better - thinking about Nissan DU. Worried won't be able to get parts if anything happens.... anyone have suggestions for RELIABLE work truck? Thanks ahead of time.
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    Toyota is about to inroduce a V8 4.5L DOHC 4-V turbo diesel in the Aussie Land Cruiser 70. If I were a betting man, this is the diesel that the 1/2-ton Tundra will get in few years.

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    hey there I just read that as soon as the tundra hits 200000 trucks sold per year that they are going to introduce a 6.4 litre v10 diesel.
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    Toyota has to build a diesel because Honda is building one for the Ridgeline.
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    Heavy Duty Diesel
    Toyota Motor Corporation has been eyeing the Ford F-250, and Ford F-350 market for a while now, and they have announced that when the Tundra half-ton sales hit 200,000 units per year they will start production of a Tundra diesel. It may be called the Tundra 2500 , and the Tundra 3500 . It is speculated that Toyota will use a 6.4 liter V10 diesel that will produce anywhere from 380-420 horsepower and around 750 pound feet of torque. Motor Trend, and Car and Driver magazines have reported that production for a heavy-duty Tundra will start anywhere from late 2008 to 2010.
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    Word in SAT is it will introduce at the 2008 Chicago auto show and be available as a 2010 model in spring of 2009, the diesel engine will be 10 cyl but more like a VW W10 configuration, designed by Toyota's Hino, castings done in Mexico, with final machine work and assembly done by CAT at a plant in SAT that CAT purchased about a year ago a good possibility with a CAT tranny possible, Tundra's June sales figures put the Tundra at a 200,000 units per year sales rate or above thus exceeding their target in a tough pickup market,
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    I was told by someone that works for toyota that they are possibly putting acat diesel in the Tundra.

    Also, they are working on building a 3/4ton Tundra also.
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    I think those are excellent power targets, and Toyota should NOT produce a diesel/HD unless they can reach those. That will be the cost of entry.

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    Any speculation on cost?
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    you think the toyota tundra diesel is going to be bad [non-permissible content removed]?
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    wife works for toyota, brought home nov,5th. edition on page 4 shows new dual r-w tundra . has 8-literinline6 hino turbocharged diesel,eaton5-speed. spokesman for hino stated the motor was to big for the tundra ,but could be scaled down to around 6 liters
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    Toyota displayed a "concept" vehicle to get consumer feedback at the LA Auto show. As best I can recall, it had 20-inch wheels and used a Hino turbocharged, 6-cylinder, 500 HP, 800 lb-ft torque engine (I am sure about the torque number). It was a big honking dually that looked awesome. Nothing else I know of from Ford, Chevy, or Dodge comes close.
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    I have owned an 05 Camry 3.3 v6 and it was the worst motor bad on Fuel Regular and the tranny was horible had hard seats and if you steped on the gas pedal the car didnt know what to do.

    I traded for an 07 camry very roomy but with a 2.4 just as bad on gas as the 3.3.

    I now have an 05 TDI VW 2.0 turbo Passat a little smaller but it is a performer with 44 mpg. Also have a 98 MB e300 turbo 32 + mpg.

    Toyota like the american market is trying to sellus on junk expensive hybrid's wake up Toyota we want the 4D. Why is toyota going to put out a v10 gas guzzler diesel...

    Theres nothing out there like the Dodge Cummings Turbo Diesel 2 WD 25 26 mpg.

    I hope Honda follows thru with its Accord Diesel.
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    Give it up dude, the whole bashing toyota thing is not working ,please do some research ,toyota is moving forward. :P
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    Dude im talking about toyota usa and its gassers they are not good.
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    Do some research dieseler, don't tell us about your small car experience. According to Consumer Reports the Tundra 5.7L V8 had the best fuel economy in the 2007 full size pickups. Both the engine and the truck made in the USA.
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    I work for Hino in Marion AR. and we have started hearing whispers about an engine plant, either in Marion or Forrest City AR. There is room at the Marion site but air issues from being located next to Memphis. If Toyota does go deisel, it would surprise me if the engine came from anywhere but Hino.

    As far as the poster complaining of bad Toyota gas mileage, it's a fact. They have been forced to redo EPA stickers to reflect real world conditions. There is still a lot of old stuff on the net, go look at the stickers on the cars. My paycheck comes from Toyota (we are a dedicated Tundra parts plant) and I just bought a new Pontiac, didn't make me a big hit with the Japanese supporters at our plant, but a Scion TC that only claims 27 HWY. wasn't going to cut it.
    BTW, our supporters swear the FJ Cruiser was a Hino design and Toyota took it.
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    I think that toyota should build a toyota tundra 3500 series/ diesle dually truck.
    But i think that if they really want it to sell the have to drop a cummins engine in it.
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    Toyota already has a great diesel, which is called Hino. It won't be long before they put them in the Tundra for those of us that need a strong pulling truck
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