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Mazda RX-8 Smart Key

murfbearmurfbear Member Posts: 17
edited March 2014 in Mazda
I am an owner of a 2006 Mazda RX-8 Shinka 6-Speed with the "Smart Key" I have been trying to find a way to carry the larger than credit card size smart key other than just in my pants or shirt pocket. I thought about and even bought a billfold than it fit nicely in, but I was concerned about breakage or cracking the thin plastic. It has some vey good convient qualities, but if I have to carry around large package I would rather have a key with the function buttons built in. Any Ideas?


  • maryrumaryru Member Posts: 1
    My wallet is an All-Ett (look it up online). The key card fits it that just fine, so I have been sitting on my key card since I got it in December. I haven't had any problems with it at all.
    And boy do I love this thing. Just crank and go. And I know I'll never leave home without my wallet again since I can't start the car without it.
  • arbalestarbalest Member Posts: 10
    Hi fellow owners

    I got a question regarding Smart Key

    In the manual, it mentioned Autolock feature, how do you know if the autolock has been enabled? I requested mine autolock to be enabled, however, when I pick up the car, I notice that after shutting of the car, step out, close the door, the car won't lock itself.

    The only condition that the car will lock itself is:
    Unlock with the remote, close all door and wait 30 sec.

    However, base on how I read the manual, I don't think it should be functioning that way. :confuse: Can some one clarify please? e-mail to Mazda had no help what so ever. :mad:

    Thank you.
  • nabikinabiki Member Posts: 1
    Probably a bit late on this but...

    When I went to the dealership to enable this feature they told me that it did not exist so I had to show them in the owners manual. They could not find it in their service manuals and I ended up looking it up for them.

    The Autolock feature the alarm beeps once when you close the door and once more when the doors lock and the alarm turns on. If the passenger closes their door first I usually have to re-open and close the drivers side door to get that first beep. Then from there walking off or standing there for 30 seconds the alarm activates.
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