4WD 2000 Ford Expedition Noises and Issues

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So I don't even know where to start. Saturday while driving on the freeway I went to accelerate and I noticed the speedometer jumped to 100 and then back down and stayed at 30 mph. I was going about 70. So I hit the accelerator again and it did the same thing. After a couple more times the car would no longer accelerate and came to a stop in the fast lane. No engine lights, not unusual noise. I put the car in park and tried restarting the car and shifting into drive, it wouldn't. But it had no problem shifting gears. It worked like normal. Eventually AAA gets there and he's able to drive it on the flatbed. We take it to the parking lot for a mechanic and he drives it off the flatbed. My friend who is an auto tech comes to take a look (since the mechanic is closed now for the weekend). We drive it around the parking lot and it's driving but making different noises. Not grinding noises. I guess somewhat like ticking. Anyway, he decides to take it on the street so he can drive it faster. It's not making a high pitch whining noise. We turn it around and as we pull back in to the parking lot the speedometer jumps and it won't accelerate. We push into a spot and put it in park. Once in park there is a noise that I can most describe as static. when in park. Any other gear and there is no noise. My friend is thinking transfer case or possibly trans Again no lights were on at all. After the last drive the 4x4 light started flashing. as an FYI I don't have an option for 2wd. It's always A4x4 but can be switched to 4x4H or 4x4L.

A few weeks back I had a blowout going 75 on the freeway. I was very rough on the care. The spare was smaller than the tires I had. I only drove half a mile at most with the spare to get it off the freeway. After that I noticed a ticking noise but it was only with rotation of the tires. Once the car stopped moving the noise stopped. I am assuming whatever happened Saturday is an after effect of the blowout. Now that you've read my novel, any thoughts? I'm going to the mechanic tomorrow since they're closed today. And because I'm a woman I want to come in with some possibilities. I'm not completely clueless about cars but still I don't want them to think I am. I initially thought CV joint until the other static-like sound started happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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