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Hello from Toyota Motor Sales USA. Yesterday, we informed the NHTSA of our intent to conduct a Special Service Campaign for our 2007 FJ Cruiser—approximately 9, 0000 early production vehicles—to inspect the tires.

We’ve not issued any media releases regarding this small volume service action, but because of the importance of this exciting new vehicle to the Toyota line-up and the incredible passion that has been ignited by FJ owners online, we’re going to try to be a bit more proactive and provide the right information to consumers and customers via consumer-generated internet discussions--like those found here at Edmunds.

The service campaign is a voluntary action by Toyota to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction for FJ owners and to make sure that the vehicle continues to perform as expected by our owners. This is not a tire manufacturer recall, but a special servicing campaign by Toyota.

During the unique tire-to-wheel assembly process for the FJ Cruiser equipped with either the Bridgestone Dueler or Dunlop Grandtrek tires, there is a possibility that the inner bead of the tire may have experienced some damage. If that happened, a bulge could develop at some point on the sidewall and air could leak out. There have been no reported incidents of this actually happening—but we want to take the precaution of finding these tire/wheel assemblies and replacing the tires with new ones.

We are able to isolate the vehicles affected and have VIN lists that will be available to our dealers. Affected FJ Cruiser customers will receive a letter from us starting in early July. The letter will ask FJ Cruiser customers to take their vehicle to a Toyota dealer for inspection, confirmation that they are within the affected tire-to-wheel assembly range and replace all involved tires at no charge to the customer. We think this will take about two hours.

While we certainly would prefer not to have to concern our enthusiastic FJ Cruiser owners, we and our dealers will work very hard to communicate well and make the campaign service as painless as possible. We regret the inconvenience.

Hope this information is helpful to all.

Toyota dealers will receive complete instructions for conducting this campaign later this week and should be able to answer any questions. FJ Cruiser customers may also contact our Experience Center for more information on this SSC at 800-331-4331.


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    Are you going to publicize this via traditional media via a media release? Or just keep it to websites?

    Only a small fraction of owners participate in these forums.
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    We did not issue any media releases re this particular campaign. Providing information via online forums like Edmunds is done to ensure accuracy and authenticity of SSC information that frequently is the subject of speculation on internet discussions within hours after our first communications to our dealers or government agencies. The best way for us to publicize this to our customers--to those affected owners--is to write to them directly. We're in the process of doing that now and will begin the mailing of those letters likely within the next week to 10 days.
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    That's one I don't have to sweat. The first thing I did after taking delivery was to drive to my fave BFG dealer ang purchase a set of BFG All Terrain TA's, which if had been installed on the FJ tested by Truck Trend in a four truck comparison would have finished in second place instead of tied for third.
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    I bought my FJ in September. My husband and I went out of town this weekend and on our way home, we had a flat tire. We had been on the road for 45 minutes (the tire was not low when we began our journey). My tires are the BFG tires... So here is a record of this incident actaully happening.
    Also, we paid extra for the roadside assistance service, who we called at 1130AM Sunday to have them change our tire. They were unable to get a service vehicle to help us because it was Sunday and we were about 7miles from the nearest town. We changed the tire ourselves, no problem--but I would rethink paying for this service that claims to be available in the US and Canada 24hrs per day/365 days per year.
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    Just bought my FJ in early September...mine came with Bridgestone Dueler H/T tires, not the BF Goodrich tires. Got a flat literally within a week of owning it. Doesn't appear to be any punctures on the tire either so I'm puzzled and wondering....
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    Hi. First, let me say that I LOVE driving my FJ Cruiser. I get compliments on it all the time. About the tires, two weeks ago, I had a very odd blow-out. It looked like the tire had some kind of bulge and it separated near a tread in the tire. I thought it was odd because there is less than 10,000 miles on these tires. My tires are the ones that were factory installed. I'm currently driving on the spare and I have not replaced the tire yet. It is on the back door where the spare was. Based on this post, should I take it by the dealership and have them look at it? Do I need to worry about the other tires? - Chris in Raleigh, NC
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    Has anyone heard of a problem with FJ Cruisers and rodent eating wire casings. I having a huge problem with Toyota of Kirkland. Apparently something in the wire casing material is attractive to small rodents. To the tune of $1,500.00 in repair that is not cover by any Toyota warrantee. :mad:
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    We own a 2001 Toyota RAV4 which has been in for rodent damage repair 3 times now. The mechanic at the dealership says they do a lot of this type of repair. Our RAV4 is driven daily and kept clean. The rodents seem to like the material in the Toyota wiring a lot. We have a Honda Accord that is only driven once a week, a BMW motorcycle that hasn't been moved for 2 years and an Oldsmobile that is driven daily. None of those have had any rodent damage and all of the vehicles are parked within 100 feet of each other in similar environments. It seems to me that Toyota should be responsible for recalling these rodent prone vehicles and replacing the wiring with another type that the rodents won't eat.
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    I am planning to buy a Manual FJ with Convenience package. Can I have input from those as to how much should be a good price since they negotiated themselves?
    Thank you.Regards
  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Member Posts: 34
    C7 Convenience Pkg. dealer invoice $770, same for manual and automatic.
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