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2005 mazda 3 hatchback - not starting

BrookBrook Calgary Posts: 1
edited October 2018 in Mazda
Hey car guru's, I have a 2005 mazda 3 hatchback with manual transmition that is causing me problems. It began with the battery dying frequently and needing to be boosted if I didn't drive it every day or if it got too cold. Spent $200 on a brand new battery and it helped for a couple months then this issue began again this time in the summer, and got worse. We changed the alternator and bought another new battery and again it worked for a couple of months, now it is acting up again, wont start and sometimes boosting it doesn't even help. Tonight it was boosted for over half an hour, all lights came on but the car only tried to turn over once, did not start, then clicked and flashed. I let it boost even longer and the same thing happened again. Has anyone had this issue? Read somewhere it could be a corroded wire in the starter, but that doesn't explain my battery dying all the time. TIA


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