2012 Tahoe LTZ conversion to EU standards

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Howdy everybody,

I have recently bought one of my USA cars to my holiday home in Spain, it is a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ, I have passed the customs and other governmental import processes without any problem, actually they were very supportive however, when it came to the inspection ( ITV) to carry out the homologation in order to get the Spain plates the whole thing changed as there were a list of 7 non compliant items ( one of them which was the factory tinted windows ) was accepted however the lighting system front and rear, rear fog lights, towing switch to EU standards, chassis stamp and lights colors have to do it all, except for the chassis stamp which was done by ITV approved shop I did all the changes myself using parts bought from Amazon and Ebay however, although I passed finally the ITV I have to resolve one issue before I go back in future to the ITV.

The concern is the following, I install the position lighting in the middle square light which was not in use from factory however, the SUV has the turn lights on when you on the auto setting, position or city lights, they told me that turn and hazard lights cannot be on when on auto, position, city or long lights activation, the function of tun and hazard lights shall be only for that..

I have some time to figure out how to disconnect the turn lights so that they work only for turn and flash, if anyone has any idea or have tried that modification before would appreciate to have your comments.

Best regards to all

Adolf Gentiler

Lalin, Spain
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