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Instrument Cluster

PhillipPhillip Member Posts: 1
edited November 2018 in Dodge
Fuel gauge went out on instrument cluster. Mechanic thought it was sending unit and dropped gas tank and replaced plus a new fuel line. Fuel guage did not work. Ordered a cluster and everything worked except dash lights. Took back and replaced with another cluster and ESP light keeps going off. We also have a 2004 durango with no issues to instrument cluster. We swapped them out and no gauges work only lights. Don't know what else to try except duct tape over ESP light. I am joking and really could use some good advice on what to do.


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    sean5000sean5000 Member Posts: 2
    I'd give instrumentclusterstore.com a call, those guys were able to diagnose the issue over the phone, and figure out exactly what part I needed to order!
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