Mercedes-Benz SL and SLK Gas Mileage Reports

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Share your actual gas mileage with other SL/SLK owners.


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  • daveandaggiedaveandaggie Member Posts: 2
    Consistent 21 MPG no matter how I drive it. 2000 SL500.
  • p0926p0926 Member Posts: 4,423
    My 2005 SLK350 averages about 22.5 mpg in city driving and in the upper 20s on the hwy.

    I'm curious though, how many M-B owners actually care what their gas mileage is? I'm guessing it's a pretty small precentage ;)

  • brandybildbrandybild Member Posts: 3
    SLK230, 2000 model, 90,000 showing. I get about 23 around town and about 28 highway, but have gotten as high as 32 if I am careful. Trouble is, with the supercharger, it is hard not to put your foot down, so I know my gas mileage could be better. But, then, it would spoil some of the fun.

    But, this is not a car you worry about gas mileage - it's purely a fun weekend ride.
    Otherwise, a piece of crap, but, I bought it used cheap, and it's fun for what it is.
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