Ford Windstar MPG - Real World Numbers

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Share your actual MPG with other Windstar owners here.


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  • hexnuthexnut Member Posts: 1
    16 mpg, winter, city
    22 mpg, long highway trip, summer, A/C on, 4 people, stuff and three bikes hanging on the back.

    I use a K&N airfilter. This had no effect on mileage. I use "Lucas Oil fuel treatment". This is improving gas mileage slightly.

    The old Aerostar had better gas mileage.
  • fordnutsfordnuts Member Posts: 19
    Version 2002 SEL, advertised 17 city and 23 highway. Well it averages right in between all the time. 20-21 mpg highway, perhaps 18-19 when really loaded down for vacation trip and AC/heat on.
  • mtsav8ormtsav8or Member Posts: 2
    2000 Ford Windstar, 141,000+ miles so far. We get about 17-19 combined driving and about 21 on a trip. It's been a good van but our old, bigger Aerostar (175,000+ miles) got better mileage.
  • backmanbackman Member Posts: 5
    Just got from mich it was 8hrs trip each way i have a 2000 with 3.8 75,000 miles i got 25.6 going out and 24.4 coming back to pa pulling the hills i was real happy with this van
    rick in pa
  • fmilymnfmilymn Member Posts: 13
    All maint. kept up to date. Small town. Usually just 3 in the van = 455lbs. Maybe 15% hwy. mi., reads 13.6 mpg. Certainly the leather doesn't weigh that much. :confuse:
  • leesanrayleesanray Member Posts: 7
    I have a 98 GL with the 3.8L.

    On a long trip with the van loaded with 4 big guys, golf clubs, luggage, beer, (i.e. loaded to the max), I get 23 MPG.
    On a long trip with just me in the car, I get 23 MPG.

    I have never had a trip that I didn't get 23 MPG.

    I don't keep track in town.

    I bought the van at 81k miles, it now has 136K miles.
  • rmclndnrmclndn Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Windstar that I did drive from SC to PA every 4 weeks or so and I would get 24-25 miles to the gallon, one day the computer went out and I had the local Ford dealer repair it and after that I now get 18-19 miles to the gallon. A local dealer told me that there was nothing you can do about that. If the van got it before should it not get it again? Can anyone please help.
  • gar_fanaticgar_fanatic Member Posts: 6
    I get 14-15 mpg with mine. It's a mix of about 60% highway and 40% city driving. It has 123,000 miles on it. It's really gutless unless you really get into the pedal. I'm really happy with it other than these two things and the fact it needs new shocks and struts. Hopefully it just lasts me the 3 years I need out of it, that's when I hope to get a Sienna or an Odyssey.
  • oyokidude1oyokidude1 Member Posts: 20
    Realistically, we get 16.5 MPG. City and some Highway Combined. The car does have 177k miles. The car is maintained.
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