Electrical Problem

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My 2006 Toyota Sienna has been having some intermittent, transient electrical outages that at least impact the entire dash unit. Let me give the run down.

I will periodically lose electrical power to the entire dash. I've experienced this when:
- Using the key fob to remotely unlock the doors (happens on multiple occasions, it will beep once instead of twice and the power will have been reset to the radio). The key fob will not work until I get in the car (which causes the alarm to go off) and put the key in the ignition. I think the outage is very transient. I don't recall it being more than a momentary short.
- While driving - I've had the start cycle repeatedly execute every 2-3 seconds, getting Christmas tree lights on the dash. One time this occurred for about two minutes. The car did not seem to be stuttering or stalling.

Other items that may be having an impact:
- I have also heard clicking noises in the dash - which others have indicated is a relay. this is also intermittent but has been occurring for a long time - years.
- Shortened Battery life seems to have been a problem for years
- I have a self installed after market radio
- Battery life has been shorter than expected (my 1 year old Advanced Gold Battery was showing as bad when brought to the local mechanic) - so maybe whatever the problem is, is especially taxing on the battery. I just replaced under warrant and the problems continue with the brand new battery.
- The diagnostics run at my recent mechanic visit showed no shorts or problems with the alternator.

Anyone see anything similar out there?
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