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Ford Aerostar: MPG - Real World Numbers

ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
edited May 2014 in Ford
Share your actual MPG with other Aerostar owners here.


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    aeroman1aeroman1 Member Posts: 6
    I have a V6 3.0L motor 96 Aerostar- XLT rear wheel drive with automatic transmission & electronic o/drive.I find that the MPG I get varies with air temp (seasonal) & type of driving considerably. In the winter driving to & from work 24m round trip in the coldest of winter (February -20C in Canada), I get around 18MPG. In the summertime; highway driving ( +30*C), I can get 24/25 mpg consistently. I have had up to 27 mpg which I think is pretty outstanding for this weight/type of vehicle. My van has almost 260,000 kms on it, but it still drives as though it's a spring chicken!
    Ford tough!
    ATB Aeroman1 :shades:
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    tubajoetubajoe Member Posts: 2
    I have a 95 aerostar 3.0 that blows hot air all the time no matter what the temp setting. The temp control knob in the van seems to be hooked up okay. Could the problem be related to the heater core, or a vacuum leak? The horn and cruise control do not work either, but that's another matter!

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    wardoewardoe Member Posts: 6
    I own a ford Aerostar 4.0 4 wheel drive with more than 150.000 on it, I get 16 miles a gallon, that is going to and from work, so some highway some back streets. I have yet to take it on a long highway jurney and see what the highway miles are like per gallon.

    Eddie C.
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    rob140rob140 Member Posts: 13
    It makes whine after running for 10 minutes. it is coming from air cleaner. 1997 with 4.0 motor. Has relatively new air cleaner. What is going on?

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