Ford Freestar MPG - Real World Numbers

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Share your actual MPG with other Freestar owners here.


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  • kronykrony Member Posts: 110
    14-16 mpg City, 23-25 mpg Hwy
  • markfncmarkfnc Member Posts: 12
    We have a 2005 Freestar SES with 3.9. My wife gets about 19 mpg in her weekly driving. We got 24.3 mpg all highway with some traffic going to Disneyworld in October. With the 25 gal tank we made it from south of Raleigh to Orlando on 1 tank of gas. I think we went 583 miles and filled up with 24 gallons.

    With gas now at 3.09 we filled up after church on Sunday 23 gallon or $71.07. Yikes.
  • mercmontymercmonty Member Posts: 9
    we average about18 hwy and 14 city what a joke.

    Long trips best was 19.5

    Never been close to the 23 hwy rating, 4.0L :mad:
  • uniquesdwuniquesdw Member Posts: 4
    2005 Limited with the 4.2 The BEST I've ever been able to average is 19.5 and the worst was 18.0 I'm in sales and do quite a bit of highway driving and am very disappointed in the mileage I get. I also have a 2003 Explorer V8 AWD and have gotten 20 mpg on the highway with it.....It's ridiculous that an SUV with the V8 and AWD system gets better mileage. I love the van as it's very quiet and comfortable and can carry more with me, but I was expecting to get at least 22 with highway driving.
  • nasirhnasirh Member Posts: 2
    4.2L 2004, I get about 14-16 MPG with combined City and Hwy driving. City only is less than 14.
  • philvidphilvid Member Posts: 8
    15-16 mpg combined highway / city.

    23.5 mpg highway with the cruise at 100 km / h, without trying to pass anyone...

    Phil :lemon:
  • benji615benji615 Member Posts: 1
    I have the 2004 w/4.2. City/mpg is around 17. We have got believe it or not, 26mpg on a trip to Vermont towing a pop-up camper. Just set the cruise control and let it go. Have had transmission problems in the past. Torque convertor crapped out ,had transmission rebuilt for 1600.00, works better than when new. A/C not working now, rear evaporator and lines rotted out. Thanks to all the damn salt that New York state uses in the winter. ( The lines run under the van to the rear air A/C.) Will cost another arm and leg to repair.
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