Third Row Seat Removal

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I removed my third row seat and built a box for the new storage area
To do this:
With the seat up remove the three black plastic covers over the seat bolts at the front of the seat
Use a 14mm socket to remove the three seat bolts
Fold the seat down and go to the rear of the vehicle
Remove the rear storage cover
Remove the black plastic pins holding down the carpet on the back of the seat
Unplug the two seat belt wiring harnesses (this will not turn on the warning bell or light)
Use a 14mm socket to remove the three seat bolts and two seat belt anchor bolts
Remove the seat

To build the box:
The side boards are 8 ¾” tall at the front X 7 ½” tall at the rear X 24” long
The front board is 8 ¾” tall X 42” long
The rear board is 7 ½” tall X 42” long
I used 2 X 2’s in the corners to fasten the sides together
The lid is 43 ½” wide at the front X 45 ½” wide at the rear X 24”
The box’s footprint when assembled needs to be 43” wide X 24” long
All of the boards are ½” plywood and covered with indoor/outdoor carpet
You will need to do some trimming on the boards where they meet some bumps in the floor. I also used a piece of angle iron to bolt the box down to the rear center seat bolt hole.
Built this way the front of the box is lower than the folded seat was but not perfectly level. You can make the front board the same height as the rear board or taller. I made the front taller than the rear so a decent size toolbox would fit under it.


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    Hi. What year is the highlander. Do you have any pics?
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    .... Or u can just fold them down 🤯
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    what I really want to know, is can you remove the 3rd seats and can you purchase the module for the understorage box and do a "trade out" ( 3rd seat, for under storage module
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