Buick Terraza: MPG - Real World Numbers

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Share your actual MPG with other Terraza owners here.


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  • lucas874lucas874 Member Posts: 1
    Currently getting 0/0 as it is in the shop for an engine replacement at 17,000 miles!
  • cwollcwoll Member Posts: 1
    About 17 mpg on 2006 with awd.
  • camydogcamydog Member Posts: 64
    21 mpg mixed driving, 25-27 highway driving, and 18-19 for short run city driving. 3.9 ltr fwd
  • spanglerdwspanglerdw Member Posts: 1
    Have you had other problems with your Buick? What has Buick said about them? I have a 2005 that has been to the dealer 6-7 times and we have to send it back to them so they can find the oil leak (replaced intermediate shaft, tie rod end, and differential fluid in last visit - thank goodness for warranty). Would love to get rid of this. I nearly dropped 42 grand on a Toyota until they only offered me $14,500 for trade in on the Buick -- lol probably all it is worth anyway. Oh btw 21-23 mpg on highway, 19-20 mpg mixed, and 16.5-19.5 mpg in city.
  • alastanalastan Member Posts: 11
    I have about 12,000 miles on my 2005 Terraza. My overall mileage is 22 mpg. Most of my driving is in the city, but I haven't checked my average city mileage. On the highway I get 26-27 mpg. I have the 3.5L engine.
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I turned in my 2005 Terraza for a 2008 Enclave. The Terraza was the nicest car we've ever owned in over 50 years of driving. It was leased and had 35,200 miles on it. We had a great service/dealer who took great pains to always properly service it. The service department is the key to keeping a car running great. Stay in good with the Service Manager...not the service writer. Oh yes, we averaged about 16 in the city (New York) and about 27 on the road (trips to North Carolina, Virginia, etc.)
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