Saturn Relay: MPG - Real World Numbers

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Share your actual MPG with other Relay owners here.


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  • markdelmarkdel Member Posts: 56
    I have a model RF-3 Relay AWD and get 18 MPG city/24 MPG Highway and 20.1 combined.

  • crkeehncrkeehn Member Posts: 513
    I have a 2005 Relay 3 FWD. I've been getting about 18 mpg in the city and 27-28 on the highway. On this weekends trip to and from Asheville, the trip computer was showing an average MPG of 30.2 mpg. That figure tends to be a bit optimistic.
  • markdelmarkdel Member Posts: 56
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    I have now put 57,500 miles on my Saturn Relay III. It came with the 3.5 ltr engine, and had the reduced HP rating due to having the AWD. When I first started out the milage was 18 City/ 27 Highway, and 20.1 combined, with just me and the wife.

    I now have a 450Lb power chair where the third row seats used to be, and carry about 300lbs of other "stuff".

    My current milage is 19.6 combined, 17.5 City, and 24 Highway. Not too bad considering the load I carry 24/7. :D

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