Toyota Seinna 2007 Transmission Speed Sensor

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My van started giving a jerk when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, i could feel, Later the check engine light also came on. I had it checked for the error, it said, replace Vehicle Transmission speed sensor. So I did but still the vehicle gives a jerk and delay in shifting from low gear to high. I didnt feel anything wrong with speedometer.
Initially after changing new sensor, the check engine light went away , although it came back on later. Upon checking the code again it shows Transmission speed sensor problem while we already changed it.
Anyone can please guide me as to what could be the issue here? Am i supposed to drive a certain distance before the sensor will start working?


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    Trouble codes don't tell you what part is bad, they tell you what test is failing. So in this case that would mean that the computer either sees something wrong with the speed sensor circuit or the signal. You have to test the circuit and prove why the computer is saying that it has a problem with that signal which on a number of Toyotas doesn't just go from the sensor to the PCM, the system also includes the instrument cluster which sends a processed signal to the PCM.
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