Wagon type SUVs/ Crossovers

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You can discuss what you dislike and like about these type of vehicles, if you like one you can discuss it. If you own one you can discuss the make, model and problems you have. Plus things you like. The only catch is the vehicle cannot have a height shorter than 65 inches, or taller than 68.9 inches and cannot have a length that is less than 197 inches. And ground clearance must be at least 7 inches and can be no more than 8.2 inches. The point of this discussion is to inform others about crossovers. Note: if the vehicle has an air suspension the lowest setting counts height and ground clearance.


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    Lets compare the 2007 Acura MDX to other wagon type 8 passenger SUV's in terms of Technology, size, styling, performance, etc.
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    You might want to try the SUV's forum or the New vehicles forum for this stuff.

    BTW, we own an 03' Acura MDX. Has been very good to us for roughly 92,000 miles. But we are looking to trade for something a bit more fuel efficient. If gas weren't so outrageous, we'd probably keep the car going till it gave us issues.
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    How bout a RDX ?

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    Keeping that one in mind. But I don't think it would be the winner since it only comes with an Auto and that Turboed motor, while probably a blast to drive doesn't appear to have any economy advantage ove the MDX. At the moment the runners are the Tuscon, CRV and the new RAV4.

    The RAV looks to be tough to beat at the moment. The new SanteFe looks quite impressive although fuel economy is unknown and I am actually digging the new Outlander but fuel economy is also undecided.
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    The 07 outlander is not a good idea. Although mitsu gives it a long warranty if your dealer closes up your out of luck. So with mitsu's financial woes in the US buying any of there models could leave you in a problematic situation.
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    I've seen a few models thrown in here for consideration, but isn't this thread about crossovers with seating for SEVEN?
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    But the Outlander does seat 7( not comfortably).
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    The Outlander does look promising though. And it appears that Mitsu is trying to stage a comeback. Whether or not they are actually successful is yet to be seen, but a competitive product sure is a good start. And this new rig certainly has some decent creds.
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    "But the Outlander does seat 7( not comfortably)."

    I was referring to the Acura RDX, the RAV4, the Tuscon/Sante Fe, and CRV.

    How about the Highlander? Honda Pilot?

    "The only catch is the vehicle cannot have a height shorter than 65 inches, or taller than 68.9 inches and cannot have a length that is less than 197 inches. And ground clearance must be at least 7 inches and can be no more than 8.2 inches."


    Where did you get these parameters from?
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    Wasn't this forum for comparing the Q7 to its rivals...which are not Hyundais. I think the Q7 has much more style than the R-Class, which has much more luxury than the Pacifica. The Outlander, Rav4, Crv etc. are compact SUV's, not luxury crossovers.
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    Hi Folks,
    I'm in the mkt for a "people mover" and HATE minivans. Have been considering an R-Class b/c it's MB and looks like the station wagon from yester-year... but wanted to get your feedback on pros/cons of this vehicle. Any advice is appreciated. Pls advise. (This is my 1st time on a Forum, so thanks!)
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    It depends on what you are most concerned with. If it is to seat 6 people as comfortable as you can (if you were a realtor for example) the R-Class would be a great choice. I personally prefer the Q7 because it has in my opinion a much more attractive shape and styling, and is less like a "luxury minivan". Mercedes also has the GL, but it is more expensive, has worse gas milage, and would probably not be as comortable as the R-Class. If you did decide to go with the Audi, you should know there is a 6 seat configuration available (it is much like in the R-Class) which makes the cabin feel much roomier (especially for the third row). The Audi is also cheaper than the R (39,900 vs 48,000 for a V6). However, i dont think the R-classes are selling very well so you could probably get a good deal on them.
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    Doesn't the RAV4 have an optional third row to seat 7? Has anyone seen this configuration or sat in such a vehicle?

    I'm in a quandry too -- i like the idea of the RDX but am worried about gas mileage. The RAV4 may be the best bet. Anyone know if the new CRV will have an optional third row?
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    It's down to three and I'm having a very difficult time making the final choice. All three fit me needs. All three are fun to drive, have sufficient utility and are somewhat unique. Pricing in my area for 2006 models ranges from $27,000 (Commander) to $39,000 (SRX).
    I'd probably be happy with any of the three--but any wordds of wisdom and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    I am currently driving a 1997 Ford Explorer with 250,000 miles. I purchased it new--and planned on at least 6-7 years. It's been surprisingly durable and reliable. I expect to drive the new vehicle for the same amount of time/miles, if not longer.

    Thanks very much for any and all suggestions.
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    Oddly enough, I had narrowed it down to the same list. I also drive cars for at least 7 or 8 yrs so I rarely step foot inside a car dealer.

    I dismissed the Jeep Commander after a test ride. Same old truck like feel of my former GMC beast. I had heard a lot of good things about the SRX, and as a former Cadillac owner I expected a lot , but the interior was cheap looking and the overall experience was not up to my expectations. All it took was one ride in the Magnum R/T to convince me to buy the Dodge. On top of that, the Employee pricing offered at the end of August allowed me to get a super price.
    I bought the car for my wife but I kept wishing I could drive it more often. It handles like a car but I can haul stuff from the Home Depot, etc like an SUV. Very stylish. After less than 2 months I went out and bought another Magnum for myself . Now we have two Magnums and we should be set until the 2014 models come out!
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