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Crank but no start

HutterzHutterz Member Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in Pontiac
Check engine light popped for an O2 sensor, went to Oriellys to have it
checked, had them clear it and do a batt test while i was there. Then it
wouldn’t start. Didnt throw any new codes. Checked for spark across all coil
packs and was good, checked pressure at rail and was good. Battery itself
tested good. But “needs recharge “ . This things got me lost. Fuel/spark/air all

Disconnected batt n hooked back up n she fired. Drove it home turned it off n
then no start condition again. Could be faulty crank/cam but i think it would
still try to fire but missfire if it was since I’ve got spark. Another theory is
maybe the batt tripped pcm when he tested it or caused an internal issue with
battery or causing antitheft to not allow pulse width for the injectors . Im at
the point where an irrational explanation might make the best sense. All input


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