Pontiac Grand Prix Accessories

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    Photos on MyCarSpace: http://www.carspace.com/eagle75/.59a3e29b/

    Sorry for the oversize photos I posted the other day. I'm not a real digital photo geek, so I make those mistakes every now and then.

    Just wanted to show off my car and the little personalized touches I have applied to it. I have owned it for almost three months now--2,700 miles. My previous string of owned cars included six Trans Ams including an '89 Turbo TA. Now there was an animal. When Pontiac stopped making TA's I settled for a 2004 Bonneville GXP. A nice car with the Northstar V8 but it wasn't enough of a hot rod for me. This Grand Prix GXP is a very nice combination of hot rod and utility, and I love the size and coupe-ish styling. There isn't anything about the car that I don't like. About the only thing I had in the Bonneville that I wished this car had was the knobs for the driver and passenger AC temp controls. Spinning the knobs was much more convenient that holding the buttons down to raise and lower the temp. Just a minor point. I love the TAP shift. Don't have much opportunity to play with it, but when I do, I marvel at how fast the shifts are. In my younger days when I used to do a lot of speed-shifting, I don't think I could ever have beat the TAP shift speed, and of course, now I don't worry about missed shifts.

    My friends always wonder why I keep buying black cars when they are so hard to keep clean. IMHO there is nothing prettier than a washed and waxed black car, and probably nothing worse looking than a dirty black car. Keeping my car washed and Zaino'd is part of what I do for exercise, and I just enjoy doing it. So black cars are not a problem for me. My wife's car, a 2004 GTP, is black, too, and her next one will probably be a black GXP, too. I keep her cars looking just like mine. ;)


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    Your car looks beautiful!!! My GXP is in Dark Cherry Red Metallic so I always have to have it washed, sometimes twice a week. I enjoyed your pictures. Your final touches on the car look great too!
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    Thanks! Dark Cherry Red Metallic was my 2nd chice. It almost looks black in certain light and from certain angles. My neighbors think I'm crazy spending so much time washing and Zaino'ing my car and my wife's car. Oh, well. I enjoy doing it.
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    Has anyone tried the new Turtle Wax Ice yet? Its a new wax that is CLEAR, and therefore doesnt leave any visible waxy residue.

    I've heard some good things about it, but its kinda pricy. My coworker said he bought the last bottle at our local Wal-Mart for $16.99. I wanted to get some info about it before I actually tried it out.
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    where did you get the 303 hp sticker and the GXP overlay? I would like to purchase them also for my GXP. Same for the brake light. Thanks. V8Jim
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    How often do you reapply Zaino, did mine, four coats with the spray in between. I love the shine. Do you reapply the base before new coats?

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    It was posted before that those overlays can be found here:


    I've been thinking about getting some myself. I bought some of the vinyl overlays for my previous GTP and it really made the car stand out from the crowd.
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    The Grafxwerks overlays are reasonably priced and very high quality—-perfect fit, don't fade, etc. Be sure you have them lined up right before you apply them. The adhesive is very sticky. Spritzing the surface that you will be applying them to with water, as they recommend, helps get it right before applying pressure.


    I Zaino my cars about 4 times a year; hood, top, and trunk/spoiler more often. I always start with Z-1, then Z-2 or Z-5 (I really like the new Z-5 Pro--Z-5 really does eliminate swirls and spider-web), then Z-6 spray, then another coat a few hours, or a day later. I keep it looking good after washes with Z-8 Spray Seal. I’ve never put more than 3 coats of anything on. If you go over to the Edmunds Zaino forum, you’ll find folks over there who have put 30-50 coats on. Too much work for me.


    I tried Ice on my wife’s black GTP, but don’t like it at all. It goes on easy and comes off easy and doesn’t leave a powder residue as advertised (neither does Zaino), but it leaves an oily residue. I followed the directions, but it leaves oily streaks that took a lot of Zaino and elbow grease to remove. Maybe others like it, and maybe I didn’t know what I was doing, but I’ll stick with Zaino. :)

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    I have read, and experienced first hand that when you do any kind of waxing or polishing of a "dark" colored vehicle, if you get the "greasy" or "swirl" marks on your car, the best way to get rid of them is to DAMPEN a clean soft cloth, and go over those areas with it. It takes the marks right out.
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    Well I still have almost a full bottle. I'll try that before I pitch it. Thanks!
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    I am considering trading in my 02 GTP ofr an 06 GXP. I have had a front cover on my last 3 GTPs and have had great luck. Does GM make a front bra for the 06 GXP?
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    Where do you guys buy the zaino?
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    I may not have current info, but to my knowledge the online site is the only place to get it.

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    Can't the GXP badges and a HP303 badge be ordered from the dealer so the GXP badge is exactly the same as the one on the GXP, not a decal? Can someone answer this for me, please? I am going to the dealer next week and will ask in the Parts Dept. and the price. But, I was wondering if anyone knew before I go. Thanks. Chats1
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    I purchased a hood bra for my 05 gxp to keep the hood from getting the rock chips, and keep the neighborhood cats from free sliding down the front. BAD mistake. The bra left more scuff marks ingraved into the paint that the other. I removed it each time i washed the car, to keep the surface underneath clean. The bra companies claim to have soft materials, and wont harm the paint. BULL CRAP. The only thing those are good for, would be to hide a dent.
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    Yes. Check with Ken over at:

    Great service and support. The front of that white GXP on their site
    looks familiar too :blush:

    I personally like just the hood portion. Fully dressed, bra's look a bit too 80's-ish to me...

    Here are some pics of mine with it on.
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    Does anyone know a good, somewhat inexpensive site that has front and rear bumpers for 99 grand prix. wanna put GT style up on my SE.
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    I've yet to call Ken about the bra. I know it looks old fashion, but here on the gulf coast bugs are a way of life (and gravel trucks as well). I have a message out to Ken at carbras though, but the dealer parts man said that the GXP and the special edition won't take a bra because of the difference in grilles. He ran it through his computer with the VIN numbers. Does someone out there have a full front bra on their GXP?

    Infested in Texas!!
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    I've yet to call Ken at carbras about a bra for the front of the GXP. I know it looks old fashion, but here on the gulf coast bugs are a way of life (and gravel trucks as well). I have a message out him though, but the dealer parts man said that the GXP and the special edition won't take a bra because of the difference in grilles. He ran it through his computer with the VIN number. Does someone out there have a full front bra on their GXP? Where did they get it?

    Infested in Texas!!
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    Are you looking for a permanent cover, or just something to use every now and then for protection? I put on a clear, plastic film when I'm going out of town where there will be loads of crickets, and rocks at high speed. It doesn't show, works great, and peels right off.
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    Actually looking for something permananet. Spoke with Ken. There is not complete cover yet. The should have something possibly in Sep. Where do you get the film?
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    ...meant to say "no complete cover yet". Only the hood portion
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    I got it at Menards, but saw it at Home Depot too. It's called carpet protector. It has one sticky side, and is nice and thin. Cover what you want, when you want, and peel it off when you're done. Instant clean front end of bugs, chips, and dirt!
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    thanks for the heads up on the bug advice!
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    Check out Bug Blocker at www.diamondite.com
    It is a liquid you apply like a wax, and leave it on. It is practically clear (does show a little). But it protects the front end from bugs and chips. I have used it a couple of times. Can't really say if it is effective to prevent chipping(so far we don't have any), but I find the bugs practically rinse off. I'm heading out on a family excursion next week and plan to use it. (We'll be driving several thousand miles in the VUE)
    So, I'll be able to report how it works with extended hwy driving.
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    be very careful of the clear carpet protector stuff you mentioned...I use that all the time when painting inside my house. little pricey at $9 for 3x50' roll, but protecting against paint spills is priceless...especially on carpet.

    however, it's some extremely strong stuff. If you had a chip in the paint, it could easily pull off a layer.

    perhaps you've done it on the car before, but for me, I'll use blue masking tape like when I go to the track.
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    if you're looking for the 3M clear bra material, you can just do google. key there isn't the material, it's finding a good installer. I have a friend in Dayton who has done like 5 of my past cars and a number of my friends.

    I completely recommend the 3M stuff on all but white. white tends to show the color shift, but everthing else is great. Metallic paints are best.

    email me if you have any questions. I have plenty of experience and photos if you would like more info. expect about $500 for a complete install. I did my mirrors and rockers too.
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    Yeah I've had great expereince with the bra on the white GTPs. Rock digs on mirrors and a couple up the hood. The front is still showroom quality. Never had any paint fade issues on either car (or even the Taurus SHO I had prior to the GTPs). Ill check into the 3M material. It sounds interesting.
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    The research on the 3M material is really interesting. I have a message in to an approved local applicator and will find out the details next week.
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    I used the 3M kit on our 2001 Denali and was very satisfied. There is a edge/line with the film across the hood. It didn't really show because the D was dark green metallic and lines were quite square compared to the GXP. On white it might show a line and or have some dirt lodge at the edge(?).
    I was thinking about doing my GXP and googled a while back and found this. Because of the long slope of the hood on the GXP I decided against it...
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    I don't think it would be too bad on the hood of the GXP. I have some shots on my Last Honda Accord that I purposely took to make it show up and even in real life, the line wasn't noticable enough to make someone say ewhh....or anything. They often times asked what it was and rubbed it though :)

    Your call though....here is one of the shots...

    Overall though unless the lighting was right, you wouldn't notice it...especially on the front bumper...

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    How does the line from the mask do when the car is dirty? Does dirt ever get trapped in that line across the hood, or is a complete seal? Have you had it on for a long time? Have you noticed any yellowing or extreme color shift?

    Sorry to make you out to be the Shell Answer Man, but the concept intrigues more and more.
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    I read once somewhere that a good "remedy" to keeping bugs off the front of a car when going on long trips is to use COOKING SPRAY, like PAM, etc. Put a good coat on the front, and bugs wont be able to stick. Supposedly just easily washes off when you want it to also. Ive never tried it though, as I dont really take long distance trips.
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    The lines from the mask are tight and very thin. It's a complete seal. Like 28lb laser printer paper..put a sheet on your car...that's how it feels.

    The line doesn't attract dirt so when it rains or snows, it actually blends in completely. You may see it more if you don't wax it when you wax your car, but I always wax everything.

    I've been using the 3M stuff since 2001. My Trailblazer is now in the hands of a nieghbor around my area and I see it a lot. Looks perfect still....and he's no clean freak like me.

    The material won't yellow. I've not seen it do so...and again, I see my 03 Accord Sedan around town too. The owner is not that far away and still contacts me now and then with a question about it.

    The key to the 3M stuff and the reason I don't like white is that it's not difficult to keep clean, but it's harder to clean than paint. Nothing special really, but occasionally I would let the car get real dirty and I'd spend 2x the time cleaning up the 3M stuff vs the same area without it.

    Hope that helps. I still swear by it but just not for me on white.
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    ...thanks. Much to ponder!
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    I've used cooking spray like Pam more than a few times and it works ok, but not great. It's hard to clean off sometimes, and gets tracked all over the rest of the car and collects dirt too. It changes it's "viscosity" a LOT in the heat, making it even worse. I'm still looking for the "Bug Off" to try it.
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    go to:
    I've been using the "Bug Blocker" on both the GXP & VUE. It goes on easy and washes right off. A 12 oz. bottle lasts a long time.
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  • idahoxtremeidahoxtreme Member Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP and have been looking for accessories. I am looking for chrome side vents and a chrome grille specifically. However, what I am finding is for everything but the GXP model. Does anyone know where I can look to find these accessories?
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    I picked up these projector lights and was really surprised at the quality especially for the price.


    In you experience, what are some other good brands and/or websites to find the best GP parts. Also, does anyone else have history of buying from this vendor?

    Thanks for everyone's help!
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    Does anyone know if chrome grill and side vents are made?
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    Chrome grill inserts used to be available thru GM Accessories. I can't say that I've seen the side vents in chrome finish--but I haven't looked for them either. Clark
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    Hi guys!
    Anyone can suggest GOOD company who's selling and shipping glasses for the cars? Actually, I need windshield and rear glass for Pontiac Grand Prix, 2008.
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