2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 Sport Auto transmission won't engage

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2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 Automatic Transmission - Was having a "Slipping"
problem - (1)when I first start it, you would have to "rev" engine to get tranny
to engage, sometimes it would engage but would seem like the brake was
on. (2) Sometimes while driving down the highway the engine would
"randomly" rev up with no change in speed or throttle position. So... better
change fluid and filters (160,00 miles - never been done). So I do this and it
doesn't change the performance of vehicle. Change Throttle Position Sensor
- no change... Decide to change fluid with different (recommended) type and
add some Lucas (slip fix fluid) and now the transmission doesn't seem to
engage at all... its still in the garage and will not move. You can here a few
clicks when shifting out of Park - but no power to the wheels.... Any
suggestions? Tests I can perform? Is there a way to measure hydraulic


  • CranbarryCranbarry WisconsinMember Posts: 2
    So... The answer is - I am unliking engineers (I was a power plant mechanic for 20 years - so I have "unliked" many engineers). The "Pan" style filter (which some brilliant engineer designed) has a torx head screw at the opposite end of a filter, which is about 7-9" long, that is supposed to support the entire filter while holding a "nozzle" into the seal in the transmission housing (pump suction I believe). I believe that when I reassembled the filter and pan that the filter dropped away from the seal. You can flex the filter when it is installed, enough to cause this to happen. This time when I reinstalled it, I moved the magnet to where it would be under the filter in hopes that it might help... Don't know if this is the answer but, it worked for me.

    Long Answer Short: Make sure the "Nozzle" is sealed. - Engineer better filter assy.

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