Pontiac Grand Prix: Real World MPG

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Share with other Grand Prix owners your actual MPG.


  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    Nice to hear about the 26-27 mpg ocmike. I'll see if I can top that :shades:

    I'm getting really jazzed...still waiting for my gxp to be delivered. Should be any day now.

    By the way, Gxp Mpg sounds like a good Serbian name, or a heckuva Scrabble word.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    What color? Loaded?? Just got mine (Stealth Gray) and got to drive it finally, was out of town right after I picked it up. OH MY GOD.....I love this thing. I mean all I was doing was errands and I was having a blast. Filled up, only need 7 gallons, used mid-grade (do folks see the difference in fuel type?) but was getting 21.9 MPG mostly cityish driving and having quite a bit of fun.

    You will love it when you get it.

    PS one BMW guy and and two Maxima's just stared in the parking lot.

    PPS: My sun clip on my prescription glasses, filters out the light frequency of the HUD. Anybody else have this one?

    With too big of grin,

    Bubbaman :)
  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    What color? Blue/green crystal. From what I've seen, it looks totally sweet. Interior: Tan leather.
    Base radio -- I'm adding upgraded speakers. Side airbags...but NO SUNROOF! I can't stand the things cuz I'm always hitting my heads on them, on just about any make or model.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    Yes, I wanted the Monsoon system so had to get sunroof. Being short the room is no problem, but with my allegies, won't be open much. I would have liked to get the tunes without the need for the sunroof. From what I have seen in the inventory around the DFW area, almost all GXPs on the lot have both leather and sun and sport. Couldn't find one on the lot to deal without it. Enjoy your car when you get it.

  • gxp4megxp4me Member Posts: 7
    Hey Bubba ... yeah I have the same problem with my sunglasses too. It is because they are polarized ... I know that if I stare straight ahead it almost filters the HUD completely but if I tilt my head to the side slightly it comes back a little bit.

    No problems though! ;)
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    Did you get your GXP yet? I am on my second tank and with some fun and city/hwy mix am getting 21.9 and 23 MPG, by my calculations. The Average on the console MPG said 20.7 and 21.7 (reset each time). I filled the tank all the way up. Has anybody else noticed a discrepancy between MPG on the console and actual. Pretty good mileage for city/hwy mix. Imagine broken in and all hwy could do close to MPG. Besides with XM, some ocassional horsing around it has been great, even at $2.85/gallon.

  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    Get it this week :D

    I'm totally jazzed. I'll give detailed report here when I get it. Hell, I've wasted enough time on this forum when I should be making money instead :confuse:

    I'm impressed by your mpg. I'm interested in what will happen when the car has 10,000 miles and is broken in -- and the weather is warmer (at least for me...at least the snow is melting here).
  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    Oh, yeah, I'll be checking the mpg too. I want to see if the car computer is accurate... :blush:
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    The last MPG had the AC on, it has been 80s-90s the last week. So AC really didn't change the MPG too much.

    Enjoy the new car
  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    So what are you averaging for mpg...?

    (still haven't gotten the car...waiting...waiting...)
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    Let's see, only three tanks, I have been traveling and not much time driving it. First tank 21.7 (my calculation) (20.3) by the computer, mix city/hwy. Got 23 (my calc) 22.3 computer mix city/hwy. Got 18.8 my calc, computer 17.9 strictly city. Mostly running either mid grade 89 or super 93. Hope you get it soon. I got flagged down at Sam's Club the other day by a couple asking and looking at the car. We spent about 20 minutes talking about.

    You will love it.

    Bubbaman (Gary)
  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    Thanks Gary. Yes, I am still waiting..... :(
    The car has been built and it's in transit. The salesman wasn't lying when he said six to eight weeks. It's officially six weeks as of today and the car should be at the dealer either tomorrow or Monday. I was kind of hoping it would have been four weeks of course.

    That's pretty good mpg. I can never get a good sense of what real world mpg will be by reading car mags...They of course hammer on a test car, and the faster the car the more they seem to hammer it. I'm realllly hoping the car is in tomorrow..

    As to seats: Leather seats in gxp come in suede inserts, but you CAN buy a gxp with cloth seats. it's a 1000 bucks less, but they're rare.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    One additional positive Benefit I got with the new GXP was lower insurance rates. Go figure. I have Allstate and my 2003 Civic SI was about $100 every six months more. I asked why and my agent said more safety features.

    Anyway hope you get your car soon. I have had mine about 4 weeks, only have 504 miles on it, MPG should get better as it gets broken in.

    Agree with the seats comment. When I was looking for a GXP almost all of them came fully loaded minus the Nav system. I had a hard time finding any without the sunroof/CD system.

    Wish I could get the tunes without the sunroof and wish the Monsoon would play a MP3 CD, tried with no luck.

    Bubbaman (Gary)
  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    Nice to hear about your insurance rates. I looked into what it would cost to insure a GXP before I ordered it. The rates are good. Less than small cars, for sure. Heck, the GXP is even quite a bit less than a Prius. I had my agent run down the costs of a bunch of cars just to waste her time....

    Insurance companies only care about one thing: payout rates. Big cars are safer than small cars, no doubt about it. I used to pay more for insurance for an old Ford Escort than I did for a new Suburban.
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    I finally surpassed the 500 mile mark, and took it on the road after fill up. I was doing a good amount of WOT passing, not to mention LONG road jams, and stopping, due to construction. I still averaged 20.3 MPG, 20.5 by my calculations. I was pretty impressed considering the horrible conditions I was in. I NEVER was even able to use the cruise either. Also, where does your temp gauge needle sit? Mine actually creeped up a little, AFTER I turned the AC off, and got near a lake where it was a lot cooler. The needle sat past the center mark. I'll keep an eye on it from now on.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    It was 102 and 100 last monday and tuesday in Fort Worth and the temp gauge was mostly at the middle. Mind you I didn't sit in a lot of traffic, but it didn't seem to creep. I have about 800 miles on mine and have seen my last two tankfuls city/hwy mix around 22.5 to 23.2 MPG (my calc and the computer). I think I have seen a slight jump after 500 miles or so. It is hot early here and will last a long time (Oct) so will let you know if I see temperature creep.

    Loving my GXP in Texas,

  • mcp6530mcp6530 Member Posts: 11
    I don't know how you guys do it! Highway driving, several trips of 350 miles and i average 21 or 22 mpg...granted i'm doing 80 to 90 the entire way. Then city driving, i'm lucky if i clear 18...I sure miss my supercharged bonne ssei! no, not really.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    When I drive all city 17-18 is the norm. Even a little highway time helps, but around town, traffic isn't bad but I only go 65 or so, 80-90 will really hurt mileage. A lot of times in the morning and evening commute I am either not awake enough or still thinking about the day in the evening, so I use the cruise at 65. It's the errands on weekends that I really get to have fun with the GXP and V-8 power and my MPG suffers, I have had a 16.5 and 17.2 MPG tankful. That said just slepping into work is still great with the comfortable seats and XM radio. I love the GXP even if I don't use all the V-8 power all the time. Do you run premium gas? I have been comparing and maybe it is my imagination, but I think I get a couple MPG better with premium, only time will tell.
  • splatsterhoundsplatsterhound Member Posts: 149
    I've had a chance to do some longer driving in the GXP. AWESOME CAR! Today I cruised just a little below 60 through metro highway traffic. The traffic was weekend, and I was in in no hurry, but I did have to ease up occasionally. The mpg for the 25 mile trip was 28 accordign to the computer. THAT ROCKS! I can get ABOVE 30 if I really baby it. Normal driving (LOTS of stop and go city and, of course, LOTS of letting friends test drive the car) nets me about 19 mpg. And my friends ALL want to drive this car. That really drives the mpg down. :cry: I'm driving it like a granny. My chums love the acceleration. Best car I've ever owned, by far. Quality has been terrific. Fit and finish are flawless. Brakes are stunning. Hit them and the car just....stops. I can't get the car much though because my wife drives it all the time... :(
  • bob97bob97 Member Posts: 16
    Everyone seems to be doing a lot better then I am with mileage. My 2006 GXP with a little over 5k miles is only giving me 14 to 15 MPG driving around town – premium gas only and without a heavy foot! I am almost tempted to complain to the dealer about my low MPG, but I cannot image what would cause one car to be off so much (it runs great in every other respect). I am constantly driving up and down low gradients, but I’d expect the downs to average out the ups.

    Is anyone else falling short of the MPG numbers being posted here?
  • blckthreeblckthree Member Posts: 153
    Your mileage is the same as mine. I don't run 90, but just over 80 and I will get 20-22mpg. City driving, without any highway driving, lots of traffic lights and stop and go traffic, I get more like 13-14.

    On a daily commute to work, I keep it around 70mph, and get about 24mpg. The mileage is acceptable to me, but I wish they wouldn't have put that sticker on that said you could get 28. I'll never see that.

    All this is with 87 octane fuel.

  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    I have a 2006 GXP. When I first got the car I was getting about 13-14 and a little upset because of what GM said we would get. Now, I have 10,000 miles on my car and the highest I have gotten is 26.5; the lowest 19 around town. I drive mostly on highways. I use only Amoco Ultimate as I did with my three previous GTP's. I am satisfied with my mileage. As far as the gas prices go, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, so I don't even complain. I'm just worried about gas lines and not being able to get gas. I knew when I purchased this car that I would use more gas and my mileage would be less than on my GTP's but I didn't care. If I was to worry about gas, I would have bought a Toyota which didn't interest me at all. I am very pleased with this car and its performance. My brother was complaining about the gas, I told him to use a bike!! I think that the more mileage you put on the car, the better the gas mileage. That's how it has worked with my car.
  • overcammedovercammed Member Posts: 1
    Me too! I'm getting a whopping 14.3 MPG city, recently up from 12.1. My gxp has 2500 miles on it and fuel economy in town has been 12.1-12.4 up to the last tankful of 87. I guess it finally broke in. also it used a quart of oil by the time it had 1900 on it. My wife and I really adore the power and handling though, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the number of compliments we have recieved on it's styling and color(dark cherry).We're panning a trip to springfeild soon, can't wait to see some hiway numbers.
  • erichthecatterichthecatt Member Posts: 37
    Took my 05 GXP on a road trip to vegas this weekend. 600 mile round trip. 11,500 miles on the car. Going i got 23.5 mpg. averaged about 70. coming home i got 23.9 mpg. averaged 70-80. Guess the mileage isnt going to improve. Miss my 2000 sls..same engine...would get 28! Those low profile tires suck. they ride hard and follow every crack in the road. Does anyone know if i can put a tire on the car with more rubber without the tire rubbing since the clearances are tight??
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    I thought that this engine was new in 2005? I know they made some iron-block 5.3 Vortec, but the all-aluminum was new I thought. 24 MPG isn't that bad either in that altitude. If you mean a wider tire, I doubt there's much more room. If you mean taller, with more sidewall to absorb the cracks, we might be out of luck too. You'd have to go to a thinner tire, with a higher aspect ratio; like a 235/60 x 18? Then the traction would stink since it would be narrower!
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,190
    "I thought that this engine was new in 2005?"

    The DoD version of the 5.3L V8 was new in 2005.
    I believe that " erichthecatt" is referring to the Bonneville GXP w/North*.
    - Ray
    Looking forward to driving 600+ miles this coming (long) weekend.
    At many (s)miles per gallon . .
    2022 X3 M40i
  • erichthecatterichthecatt Member Posts: 37
    Thanks Ray. I should have stated Bonneville. I was thinking of a taller tire. While i was sitting at a casino in vegas trying to win an 06 chrysler 300 for 15 cents, i noticed that the car had goodyear 225/60/18. It looked like quite a bit more rubber height. Does anyone know where i can go to compare the two tires? I dont want to mess up the speedo
  • rmozolrmozol Member Posts: 124
    I did some checking on Tire Rack's site, and found the difference. Some 225/60 x 18 are the same diameter as the stock fronts, and others are about 1.5" inches taller; it strictly depends upon brand. This would equate to about a 6% difference for a wide spread between the two. That would mean it would read 100 MPH, when it's really going 106 MPH. Not that bad at all.
  • bxdbxd Member Posts: 186
    If you want to soften up the ride, don't mess with the size of the tires. Pick a tire that is aimed at a quieter/softer ride instead of one that is fairly skewed towards performance. For example, for the front, Continental ContiProContact in original size are only $126 at the Tire Rack and rate very quiet, and nice riding, while not totally giving up handling. Or some Pirelli PZero Nero M&S but those are a lot more money.
  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Member Posts: 38
    Im trying the freeway thing on my current tankful of gas,so far its around 22.3 on 80/20 freeway/city is anybody else watching there mpg and if so can you tell me what your getting? I know the epa says 28/17 which i understand is just an estimate with all the factors involved,but if i could avg 24 i will be satisfied.
    2006 gxp
    1513 miles and loving it!!!
  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    I have 11,500 on my 2006. I have gotten as high as 26.5. When I first got the car, I was getting 13-14. I was really surprised at that. But, I think, as you put more mileage on your car, you'll get better mileage. I did. I'm satisfied. I knew that when I bought the car the mileage probably wouldn't be as good as my 3 GTP's but I didn't care; I wanted this 8 cylinder and I also knew the gas prices would be high, but I didn't care about that either. Except for my hissing/humming I love the car. I can't help it if I'm a fanatic about my car. I said to the dealer I think I'm paranoid. They said, "you think?" They also told me to stay off of the Edmunds website. You can't believe everything you read!! Oh, well. Good luck with your car. What color is it? I like the fact that you don't see yourself coming and going. I've only seen one in a grocery store lot so far. When I first got the car and drove it down to South Jersey, my brother surprisingly said he liked it. That was quite a compliment coming from him. He used to race hsi 65 GTO. He had to check under the hood to see how they set everything up in this 8 cylinder. He was making me nervous and then all of a sudden he pulled a rag out. When preping it, the mechanic at the dealership left a red rag on the bar in front of the fan. My brother said it's a good thing it wasn't in the fan! It was red so he could see it easily. He was disgusted with that, though. Chats1
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,190
    Repost from last fall:

    GXP gas mileage November Thanksgiving 2005 trip

    The good news is that I (finally) exceeded 20 MPG for a full tank.

    The bad news is that I am afraid it is pretty clear that I will never achieve the highway EPA rating. (Unless the gas mileage improves as I add more miles – though at 7,000+ now, I doubt that.)

    I drove from Atlanta to Carrabelle, FL and back. I filled the tank once I cleared the metro area. I filled the tank again at 232 miles (last gas in Georgia) and filled again in Tifton, before re-joining I75 North for the slog home on Sunday PM. (I did not want to count that mileage, as the traffic became bad & worse – as feared \ expected.)

    I averaged these 2 fills, since they were not the pumps I typically use – and there are variances. The 2 fills = 470 miles. Total fuel used = 19.35 gal. Average MPG = 24.3. (Excel, not DIC.)

    I did not exceed 80 MPH on the Interstate section southbound. Once off the Interstate, the speed limits and (um) aggressive enforcement mean that I find 65 the highest ‘reasonable & prudent’ speed.

    A little experimenting with various steady speeds on relatively level roads strongly suggests that DoD is much more likely to engage at 60 – 70 than at any higher speeds. With resulting steep downslope to MPG as speeds rise above 70.

    = = =

    I have seen no significant difference in my MPG since then, and I am now nearly at 14,000 miles.

    I’d like better fuel mileage – but my ( um ) un-disciplined right foot and over 300 HP \ TQ suggests that I am not willing to sacrifice an occasional acceleration “burst” for another 1 or 2 overall MPG.

    Given how much fun I have when I can use my GXP’s performance, I am pretty happy with the fuel mileage.

    I will be taking exactly the same trip described above this weekend, leaving Saturday AM (early) and returning Tuesday. I will post an update.

    - Ray
    Looking forward to 6+ hours of “Quality Time” with my XM each way . .
    2022 X3 M40i
  • blckthreeblckthree Member Posts: 153
    My GXP has 11,000 miles, I just took a 1500 mile trip with it. Speed was average of 80mph, mpg varied from 20.5 - 23, depending on when I had a head wind. If you can keep it below 70mph, you might do better, but I can't do that!

  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Member Posts: 38
    Hey chats mine is black on black leather all the toys except the nav...Ive only seen 2 gxp's and they were both red i really like the dark cherry color too but that only came with the tan seats ugggghhh....
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    Lets see, 2200 miles, so far. Mostly drive to work about 15 miles each way. About 10 freeway, 5 city and I have gotten from 20.5 to 23.7 for a high. The more I drive highway the better. Usually do cruise or I speed way too much. About 65 or so and the cruise does a better job of getting MPG and DoD shut off then my foot. Any significant increase in city driving side trips reduces the mileage to the low side 19-20. Running mid-grade gas, don't know if that makes a difference on mileage. AC always on, it is already 90-100 everyday. Plan a long trip later in the summer and will let you know. But for the simple fact I have a car with so much fun to drive the fact that I get 20s MPG is GREAT. I mean fullsize, comfortable, great handling, acceleration, all for something that gets in the 20s consistently. It is only costing me 3-4 gallons more a week (about $12) over my 03 Civic SI with significantly greater comfort, less road noise, better sounds, more power....Not too shabby.

    PS Sorry to offend the younger drivers, this old man (39), still would like to see the total buyer age stats.

  • chats1chats1 Member Posts: 158
    My Dark Cherry has the graphite leather interior. I wouldn't like the tan either. About the ac, I use mine all the time -- it works great, nice and cold -- no problems with it at all. That would have been my first complaint, before the hissing!!! Oh, I have everything too except for the nav. system. Chats1
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,190
    Left the Atlanta area at 6 AM Saturday. Stopped to fill the tank just South of the City.

    Kept the speed to 70 – 80 to my exit in Tifton, GA.

    My speeds off the Interstate were 45 – 65. Through a number of small towns, (and later) through the outskirts of Tallahassee, south to 98, then west.

    Filled at the (next to) last gas in Georgia. A/C was on about half the time:

    225 miles 24.5 MPG (DIC – Excel: 26.5).

    Destination was Carrabelle, FL – and my hosts used their (4 wheeled & water) vehicles, while mine sat idle . .

    On the return trip, I filled the tank again in Tifton.

    23.8 MPG – A/C on this whole leg. 248 miles. (Excel: 24.5)

    Traveling North on I75 on Tuesday AM, was able to maintain a steady 78 – 80 with cruise control on for just over 100 miles – to the rest area on the Macon Bypass. Settled in at 23.5 MPG for that segment, with the A/C on.

    I was alone in the car & only had weekend luggage.

    Just a few mileage data points . .

    Over 14,000 miles on the car & just over 400 hours on the motor.
    A relatively painless journey!
    - Ray
    Happy GXP driver . .
    2022 X3 M40i
  • eagle75eagle75 Member Posts: 16
    My wife and I took a 700 mile trip from Wichita, KS to St. Paul, NE and back over the holiday weekend. Averaged 65-75 both ways with A/C on all the time. 27.1 mpg up, 25.5 back (DIC). Very happy with that. Best I ever got with the Bonneville GXP on same route was 23.5. 2,300 total miles on the car so far.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    Did you use cruise? Mostly level terrain, I assume. Also what fuel type did you use? I think I may see a difference with premium versus mid-grade, but don't have enough samples to prove it.

  • eagle75eagle75 Member Posts: 16

    On cruise most of the way--pretty flat country around these parts--some rolling hills--this was an ocean bottom a bazillion years ago. I've been using regular unleaded from day one.

  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    All, came up with a spreadsheet doing a little figuring on whether it is worth additional money for better gas, from strictly a MPG cost perspective. Not from a feel/power/engine health perspective. Don't have enough mileage data on my own 06 GXP, but will monitor. Thoughts? Here is the data, assuming $2.75/gallon regular unleaded. Here is the data you can plot for yourself.

    First Column is MPG with regular Gas
    2nd Column is MPG Need if upgraded gas is 10 cents more a gallon to break even
    3rd Column is MPG Needed if gas is 20 cents more break even
    4th Column is 30 cents break even

    MPG $0.10 $0.20 $0.30
    19 19.69090909 20.38181818 21.07272727
    19.2 19.89818182 20.59636364 21.29454545
    19.4 20.10545455 20.81090909 21.51636364
    19.6 20.31272727 21.02545455 21.73818182
    19.8 20.52 21.24 21.96
    20 20.72727273 21.45454545 22.18181818
    20.2 20.93454545 21.66909091 22.40363636
    20.4 21.14181818 21.88363636 22.62545455
    20.6 21.34909091 22.09818182 22.84727273
    20.8 21.55636364 22.31272727 23.06909091
    21 21.76363636 22.52727273 23.29090909
    21.2 21.97090909 22.74181818 23.51272727
    21.4 22.17818182 22.95636364 23.73454545
    21.6 22.38545455 23.17090909 23.95636364
    21.8 22.59272727 23.38545455 24.17818182
    22 22.8 23.6 24.4
    22.2 23.00727273 23.81454545 24.62181818
    22.4 23.21454545 24.02909091 24.84363636
    22.6 23.42181818 24.24363636 25.06545455
    22.8 23.62909091 24.45818182 25.28727273
    23 23.83636364 24.67272727 25.50909091
    23.2 24.04363636 24.88727273 25.73090909
    23.4 24.25090909 25.10181818 25.95272727
    23.6 24.45818182 25.31636364 26.17454545
    23.8 24.66545455 25.53090909 26.39636364
    24 24.87272727 25.74545455 26.61818182
    24.2 25.08 25.96 26.84
    24.4 25.28727273 26.17454545 27.06181818
    24.6 25.49454545 26.38909091 27.28363636
    24.8 25.70181818 26.60363636 27.50545455
    25 25.90909091 26.81818182 27.72727273
    25.2 26.11636364 27.03272727 27.94909091
    25.4 26.32363636 27.24727273 28.17090909
    25.6 26.53090909 27.46181818 28.39272727
    25.8 26.73818182 27.67636364 28.61454545
    26 26.94545455 27.89090909 28.83636364
    26.2 27.15272727 28.10545455 29.05818182
    26.4 27.36 28.32 29.28
    26.6 27.56727273 28.53454545 29.50181818
    26.8 27.77454545 28.74909091 29.72363636
    27 27.98181818 28.96363636 29.94545455

  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    Just finished the first segment of a road trip. Here are the MPG results. Some city/highway, slight upgrade, Computer 24.6 Calculated 25.

    Second day: Computer: 26.9 Calculated 27.4
    Another Tank, lot of down grade: Computer 28 Calculated 29

    Don't know if I believe the calculated, tried to fully fill the tank, but wow.

    Full highway driving really helps the MPG on the 28MPG case used cruise 74mph but some segments of highway at 68 due to 65 speed limit.

    All on mid-grade gas. More later. Very happy with these numbers, plus great ride, comfy seats.

  • avangilderavangilder Member Posts: 1
    I hope someone might be able to help me out. I've got a 2000 Grand Prix GT, and I can't get anything higher than 20 MPG (combined) on regular gas. The car cruises (75-85 mph) between 2500 and 3000 RPM. Any ideas?
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  • tlaurotlauro Member Posts: 504
    I only have 5k miles on mine but can say in the suburbs/city the mpg reality is horrible. There I average 13-16mpg depending on how I driver her. On the highway, much better.

    I've taken a few 2-3 hour trips to see family. My overall average then has been 24-26mpg. Mostly highway of course, but sitting at even a few lights and going around town once I get to my destination really hurts.

    Honestly, I budget my gas money on 15mpg, perhaps you can use 18 or 19 and be safe.
  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Member Posts: 54
    Sorry to hear about your mileage. My recent long trip got anywhere from 25-27.8 MPG depending on hills/flat terrain on mid-grade gas. Mostly doing cruise 73-75 with ac. Also think I got 28.5, but not sure on an all hwy down hill segment. Am seeing 21-22 hwy/city mix to work. But if I play with the throttle then it is easy to get 17-18. I find that cruise works much better than my best at having a light foot. Have seen an improvement sometime between 2500-5000 miles, currently have 5500.

  • gxpjoeypgxpjoeyp Member Posts: 38
    Thanks Bubbaman,now is the mpg your reporting according to the numbers on the dash computer or are they according to you figuring out the mpg with a calculator after your trip and you have refilled your tank? I guess what i will do is filler up and jump on I-43,I live in milwaukee, AND TAKE A DRIVE TO GREEN BAY(NOT TO SEE THE PACKERS THATS FOR SURE)I should be able to put 150 or so miles on that trip and that highway is nice and flat all the way,so i should hopefully see what you go up to 27 mpg if i got that at 70-75 i would be really satisfied....O YEA GO STEELERS!!!!

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    It is really both. I reset the computer each time and compare actual (calculated) to the computer, most of the time they are close (within .5 mpg) usually a little low, sometimes higher. I calculated a 28.5 MPG and computer said 27.1, so I don't believe I fully got the gas in on the calculated. My latest computer week of work 15miles each way, 10 miles hwy, 5 city is 21.9. I mostly use cruise on the freeway since I am not really awake at times or just dont' want to get a ticket, something easy in the GXP. Let me know if your mileage improves.

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    I thought that EPA estimates were going to get tougher this next year for all cars, expect them to go down for all. Is it 07 or 08 they were going to change.

    Question, I got 26/27 on my all highway trips using mid-grade. What I have seen in the city/hwy mix is that different grades of gas matters. I have averaged 19-20.5 for regular. 20.9-21.5 for mid-grade and 21.9-23 for premium mix city/hwy. I use cruise on the freeway since the cutoff to 4 cyl is done much better buy the computer over my foot.

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