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Hey All Just wanted to start a thread about Off-Roading in this great truck. I have a 2005 CC Nismo with auto. I have put it thru its paces in Death Valley and in the eastern Sierras. This is a very solid truck to take on these kinds of routes, but I do have some questions. Are there any after market skid plates that are beefier than the stock versions? They do work however they do look a tad on the wimpy side and is there a plate for the electronic locking diff solenoid available. Also are there any good suspension lifts out there that work well with the front IFS. Having a great time backcountry!



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    I got my kit from Greg at prgproducts dot com link title
    and am very happy with it.
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    I just bought an 06 Nissan Frontier 4x4 king cab. I've had it for less than a week. I just noticed that the "NISMO" graphic on the side of the bed on the drivers side looks misaligned. I measured and it is 3/16 inch off true, respective to the top of the bed. The other side is fine. I think I may be obsessive, but every time I walk by the truck, I see the misalignment. I do not know if anyone else even notices it. Do I ask the dealer to fix it or go see a psychiatrist?
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    I'd talk to the dealer...that kind of stuff makes me crazy(like you). Good Luck!
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    I have an '06 NISMO question is can I really take it out in the Rocky,Hilly Arizona desert without without damaging it? I figure I have to stay away from sharp rocks but other than that are there other considerations? This will be my first off-roading experience, OBVIOUSLY!
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    How long ago did you buy the truck? Where in AZ did you purchase? How much off of the sticker price did you get? I am looking into a NISMO 4X2 in the Phoenix area and wonder how you are finding yours?
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    Ultra easy fix for the dealer and no psychiatric care needed. :)
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    I found many people here on Edmunds who suggested as the place to research prices on almost any make..prices very close +- to invoice. Hope it did me.
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