2012 Hyundai Sonata oil issue

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Hi all,

This is a four cylinder limited edition...the oil disappears with no leaking or smoking.

Has anyone heard of this happening ?

Looking for a recall bulletin with no success yet. Any help is appreciated.

BTW: No warning lights go on for an alert, no drips in the drive and no smoke upon rapid acceleration.



  • bobmcalisterbobmcalister Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue as the poster. Has never had anything but Royal Purple in it, will get a new pcv valve and check it again. be delightful to have such a simple solution.
  • Cessna170BCessna170B Member Posts: 4

    Does your car have about 70,000 miles? That is usually when the PCV valve fails and causes oil blowby into the engine combustion chamber.

    PCV valves cost under $10 and take five minutes to replace with a pair of pliers.

    YouTube has videos showing the procedure.

  • Fosgate87Fosgate87 Member Posts: 6
    This is an issue I see frequently on many forums because of the various vehicles that I have owned over the past 10 years. I also had 2 vehicles have this same problem when no leak could be discovered by several mechanics and the engine was pretty much new, had around 25k on it.
    I just put a top brand synthetic in it and instead of topping off about a quart every 5-6 weeks or so, it was reduced down to maybe 1/4 quart every 2 months which is a huge improvement. The engine was just one of those engines that burned up oil for whatever reason and there was no recall no solution...
    worth a try, here it is for your specific make and model,


    yes I see that this is an old thread but I just wanted to post for future reference and for current readers who may have the same problem, you can look up your vehicle on the site above for the amount you will need in quarts, the filter to go along with the synthetic, and the type of oil.

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