My Mod Voided My Warranty!

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Have you ever had a warranty claim denied by your dealer because you made a mod to your car? What excuse did the dealer give you? Did you fight the denial? Did you get your ride fixed under warranty?

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    For your consumer rights when you mod your car, see the Warranty Denied? article at SEMA.

    For general warranty problems, please visit the make/model discussion for your car and post in the applicable Problems & Solutions discussion.

    We're just looking for warranty problems due to modding your ride in here. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
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    You didn't detail what exactly your "mod" was. As a warranty administrator I can attest to the large number of home hack jobs we see where the weekend warrior has turned what would have been a $100 install into a $600 repair, AND voided the warranty. :) Unless you are a pro, then I suggest you leave it to the pros. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.
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    I was fishing for stories but never caught any. I'm guessing the Speed Shop hacks are being done on out of warranty rigs anyway. Or the owners are taking the air boxes, etc. off their rigs and putting the stock stuff back on before going in to the dealer for work. :blush:
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    I had a customer of mine who had a 2002 330xi. He was hit from behind and brought it to me to be repaired. He wanted to take the money the insurance company figured for the stock exhaust and buy a aftermarket exhaust, BavAuto i think. Anyways, we got the aftermarket exhaust and put it on instead of the stock unit. Later he tried to get depreciation and they wouldnt give it to him because the insurance company said had he fixed the car to their specifications the car wouldnt have depreciated in value. Now thats a bunch of junk, but it gave the insurance company what it needed, and he took them to court and lost. Its hard enough to figure depreciation values, but then when you change things it makes it that much harder. So that is something to think about when you're modifying your car.
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