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How is the Honda Element EX-P in Snow?

schumargschumarg Posts: 1

Looking at the Element EX-P and really like the room it offers. I'm on the east coast and have the winter months to deal with and was wondering any experience with the EX-P and driving in snow. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'm on the east coast...

    For a moment I thought you were in the Southern Hemisphere - where it's winter now.

    tidester, host
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    I am looking into a 2007 Element EX 4wd and I would like to know how the 4wd drive does in snow, rain, dirt, and mud would be excellent.
    Thanks :D
  • rlanerlane Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 EX with good snow tires on it in Vermont and I don't really trust it in the snow any farther than I would a front wheel drive car. I have some weight in the back since I used it for work and I find several things that I don't like about it. 1st the rear end slides to easily. Maybe because of the weight but it isn't over loaded so it shouldn't. 2nd the anti lock brakes are going to get me killed one of these days. I almost slid into a car while going through an intersection the other day and I went sliding past my drive way when the left two wheels were on clear dry pavement and the right were on snow and ice. I have pulled the antilock break fuse and am trying to see if that helps but with disk brakes on all sides the rear seem to grab and lock to easily. This is my second car with ABS brakes that just don't work. 3rd the road salt and mud seem to collect nicely on the front side mirrors. I have added mud flaps and it does no good. 4th the car has just over 80000 miles on it and when the left rear tire finally tries to drive when you are on snow it is making a weird noise that I haven't figured out yet. The rear end in this thing isn't as big as the one in my 4 wheeler. I bought the car used last year and have put almost 20000 of my own miles on it and am seriously thinking of getting rid of it as unsafe.
  • ragetsragets Posts: 63
    Why did you get an '03? That was the first year for the Element and also its worse. I think that the '07 is way better. Would you consider a 2007? That's what I'm looing at. :)
  • mjp06mjp06 Posts: 4
    I've got an 06 EX-P AWD MT and this is my first winter with it. Winter is mostly icy and rainy here in Maryland. The E is ok in the snow and ice but not great. (running Yokohama Geolander tires. The orignal tires barely stick to dry pavement never mind snow) I also own a Subaru Forrester (also with Yokohama Geolanders) and a 1978 jeep which both handle much better. The Subaru sticks to the road in any condition, snow, ice, rain, whatever. The AWD on the E is nothing like the Subaru. If I had it to do over again, I would not pay extra for the AWD. I don't notice any difference between a FWD and an AWD E.
    The E will get you around in the snow, just be careful. If you really need winter driving stability, get a Subaru.
  • First off, nothing is as good as a Subaru Forrester in the snow, but my Element is pretty damm good. I purchased the LX AWD AT ('07) and I am thrilled with the way it handles snow. I have no idea what might be different from my '07 on the others that posted on here, but I am thrilled with how well it takes the snow and ice. My tires are whatever the car arrived with, but they do fine. I did notice that after 12 inches of a heavy snow in unplowed areas I am much more likely to get stuck, but that has only happened twice this past winter.

    If driving in the snow is really important to you, go with the Forrester, but keep in mind the price difference ($6,000 more for the Subaru). I am very satisfied with my choice.
  • deepdropdeepdrop Posts: 89
    I bought a set of Winterforce snow tires on steel wheels from Tire Rack for my "04 Element. I used them one season and want to sell them because I'm moving south.

    Does anyone know of a good Honda website where I could post these?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I sold a set of mounted studded tires last fall using my local (or if you are a purist :shades: ).

    Took about 2 hours to get a call, and the first guy bought them. Of course I priced them "right."
  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    I am about to buy a 2007 EX Automatic Front Wheel drive.

    What does the "P" mean.

    Thank you
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It stands for "paint" which is applied to the exterior fender panels and door handles. Presumably it has little effect on handling in the snow. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • harry28harry28 Posts: 29
    Does anyone know what Honda charges for the equipment and to install this in a new car? The car I want has it already installed, but I would rather not pay for it.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I recommend asking in Honda Element.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • laf3laf3 Posts: 5
    I just test drove an 03 EX with 40K for $14,900; We are stepping out of a Chrysler LHS and before that, a Taurus I absolutely loved. I am excited about the versitility for our large dogs, garden stuff etc. I loved how comfy it was, and how it handled on the test. I live in MT, and the salesman told me he owned one for 2 years and thought there was nothing better in the snow/ice.
    In perusing the internet on, I see on '06 with 9K for the same price, though it's 1000 miles away. Is there a big difference between the two years besides body style? I would REALLY appreciate any tips and feedback anyone has to give as we look seriously at purchasing an Element. I am concerned a bit about the lack of mpg...and all of the repair messages in this forum! :confuse:
  • Safety. The 07 and 08 has more equipment for any model and they have standard side air bags.
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    I live in Indiana, and we often get a few inches of snow at a time during the winter. We sometimes get a foot or a bit more. Overall, I'm very happy with my AWD Element in the snow. I used to own a Subaru Forester, and it was good in the snow, too (there were other things I hated about it). I have noticed that the Element does not stick quite as well when you first start moving again, like at an intersection sometimes when it's very snowy or wet, the tires will spin to grip if you stomp the pedal, but I have not had any problems with the Element sticking while driving. Come to think of it, since I replaced the stock tires, I haven't noticed the intersection issue again, even during this whole snowier-than-average winter.
  • My EX-P 2WD is AMAZING in snow and I live in Ohio.

    Watch out for the heater core....known issue and some are BAD....mine was VERY BAD. Honda Replaced it. And, sorry to say, Honda says they fixed the cracked windsheild thing after 2005..>WRONG....mine cracked exactly like the previous years, after serious debates with them...they replaced it with a much better windsheild
  • jbogojbogo Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 AWD Element, bought new in '03. In my rural real estate practice, I go absolutely everywhere, and in all kind of conditions. (The Pittsburgh end of Pennsylvania is very hilly!)

    I have taken it through farmer fields in knee-to-waist-high grass and weeds in showing land. I also have five years experience in all kinds of winter weather, often driving on ice and up to ten inches or so of snow. (The experiences I could tell you!)

    I usually use an aggressive tread all-weather tire in the winter, or sometimes a mud & snow. I don't particularly overload my Element with heavy "stuff" in the rear, although I do keep lots of real estate stuff back there (for fixing "for sale" signs, etc., and my handy tool box. (The clamshell rear gives me a great work bench when I pull down the tailgate, and a covered work bench when I leave the upper window part extended!)

    I have to say though that my Element handles like a dream, and has never come near letting me down in wet, cold, snowy and icy weather, or on our hilly terrain. Not in five years and nearly 140,000 miles.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Mine is excellent
  • I just purchased a 2011 Honda Element. Unfortunately, after driving the vehicle I have found that there is a constant vibration in the steering wheel at 55-70 mph. I have taken the Element to the dealer 4 times now. They have rebalanced all the tires, rotated them, and completely realigned the wheels. The last time, they put on better quality tires. At first I thought the issue was fixed, but it only changed the vibration speeds. The steering wheel has a constant vibration from about 45-72 mph now. The dealer is not sure what to do to fix the problem. The dealer had one 2011 Element on the lot, and when the service manager and the mechanic drove the other 2011 Element, they found it too had the same vibration. Now that Honda America has approved the new tires, they are not sure what to do to get rid of the vibration. I love the Element, but I cannot stand the vibration.

    Have any of you out there had this same issue? If so, how did they fix it. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I had a similar problem when mine was new. I feel like it went away, but I KNEW it was gone when I had new brakes, tires and an alignment at 45000 miles. I switched to General Grabbers and it never drove/rode so well.
  • I know squat about cars. In fact, my 2007 Element that I bought certified pre-owned in 2010 is my first car purchase ever. But what you're experiencing sounds like a problem I had, and it was the bushings.

    Before they replaced the bushings, the car would often vibrate on any kind of less than perfectly smooth surface, and when I drove over any kind of even mildly rough surface--like grating or the grooves they put on the highway just before the toll booths--it would vibrate horribly.

    I would bet the problem has something to do with the suspension.
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