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I have a GMC 2500HD that I purchased Brand New. I have really like the truck but now I am having all kinds of intermittent electrical issues in he cab. The sideview mirrors change position every time I turn or remove the keys from ignition or cut the truck off. I have had to adjust them so many times that I am having issues with the switch that you use to choose the mirror you are adjusting. Not sure if the issue is in the switch or somewhere else. If someone would point me in the right direction I would tackle fixing it. I have already fixed things like the lights in the gauge cluster, rebuilding gauges, changing out the window regulators, Also my heated seats come on randomly. My transmission when I put in gear if I don't give it enough gas will go into neutral. Once I reshift it will remain in the gear unless I don't give it enough gas.


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    Do you have a scan tool that supports all of the modules on the car for retrieving codes, data and bi-directional commands?
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