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Pontiac Vibe Accessories & Modifications

vibeguy07vibeguy07 Member Posts: 2
Hi, I know this is very random lol but I was wondering if anyone knew a good spot for performance parts for my '03 Vibe since I can't seem to find any or if there is some sort of way to switch from my auto transmission to a 5 speed sice standard is a much better way to go??!! Thanks


  • fear_hopefear_hope Member Posts: 90
    My 2006 Vibe came with the exhaust tip. It looks really cool and I thought it was just for show (good looks). After I had the car for 3 weeks (this past Monday), I heard a funny sound and then the engine noise and noise from the exhaust became noticeably LOUDER. It also seems to have a somewhat deeper tone and sort of an echo-like sound? That is the best description I can come up with. Does anyone else have the exhause tip and purchased their car new? Did you notice anything like that? Has anyone without the tip had any issue like I described. I was thinking maybe the muffler is defective... It goes in to dealer next week so I am looking for fellow Vibing experiences. Thanks so much!
  • jstant01jstant01 Member Posts: 65
    I think all 2005 and 2006 Vibes come with the exhaust tip - at least all the ones I have seen. I'm not sure about the 2003 and 2004s.

    The Vibe exhaust tone is a bit "louder" than normal. I read somewhere that this was done on purpose to make the car sound more sporty. GM used to put special mufflers on their "sporty" version cars that made them sound like a donkey going into labor. Thank God they don't do that anymore!

    I've never noticed any unusual sounds followed by a louder exhaust, but like I said, I have noticed that the exhaust is a little louder than previous vehicles I have owned. If you heard some sort of "sound" I would suspect that something either came loose or fell off your exhaust somewhere.
  • nanc3nanc3 Member Posts: 8
    you need to check out (forum)
  • vibeguy07vibeguy07 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks I'll do that.
  • fear_hopefear_hope Member Posts: 90
    Has anyone else noticed white streaked staining on their aluminum roof rack rails? Mine had very bad staining. It happens when I go through the car wash. It would not come off and the dealer replaced the rails. Now I have noticed a little on the new rails. I have started to dry the rails as soon as I drive out of the car wash and it seems to help. Aluminum polish did not help. Does anyone else have the same problem and a solution?
  • eveloneevelone Member Posts: 2
    My drivers side rear tail light has condensation in it. Does anyone else have this problem? I noticed that the left side isn't as bright as the right because of all the water buildup. I have like 52000 miles on my car and am not sure if i still have a warranty because i bought my 05 vibe used.
  • cher48cher48 Member Posts: 3
    how do you all like the vibe? I have a 2000 beetle, with 72,000km...I am finding it alittle too small, and I am finding with alot of snow I am all over the road...I hate it...might look at a 2006 vibe tomorrow, just wanted to hear some input on how some of you like it! it looks like a pretty cool car, and the mileage, looks pretty good....checked it out on a great day all! :shades: ;):)
  • cher48cher48 Member Posts: 3
    hey, forgot to ask , does the Vibe have sunroofs, probably not with the luggage rack, and can't seem to find any with one on the bug had one and love them! later! :D :shades:
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    Yep it does Sunroof
  • ashnohgrimashnohgrim Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a slightly used 2006 Vibe. Couple it possible to get a smaller (shorter) antenae for the Vibe? I'd like to get a roof rack and carry a canoe or a small (12') cartopper boat, but the antennae is in the way. Do they sell a Micro antennae?
  • mikey00mikey00 Member Posts: 462
    I got a short aluminum one from ebay. Just go the ebay and do a serach on Vibe antenna. You will have a lot of options. Just be aware that weak stations will now be a little weaker but the strong ones still seem fine.
  • ashnohgrimashnohgrim Member Posts: 3
    Thanks. Found them.
  • phillyldhphillyldh Member Posts: 1
    I got a 2006 Vibe and want to know how to hookup the mp3 player to it. Does any one know that? Or Does there any kind of CD player come with MP3 compatabities which is compatable to the Vide?
  • jfeurerjfeurer Member Posts: 1
    Had my new '08 Vibe for two weeks and 700 miles. Love the car, not the seat.
    It has the optional leather seats, which do not provide ample comfort.
    They are constricting. Although I'm "big", I'm not huge.
    I'm 6'2" and 230 pounds.
    The driver seat is too narrow. I'm aware there is only so much room (width) available between the driver door and the center console.
    However, the seat bolsters put pressure on my thighs, and the seat bottom is not long enough.

    Has anyone "altered" their seat, or even replaced the entire unit with a more comfortable one (if possible)?

    While I'm at it, what about heated seats? Any recommendations?

  • partmanpartman Member Posts: 1
    Hello, everyone, I am new here and all of the information I have seen has been very helpfull.  We are looking into getting an 08 Vibe because our 02 Trailblazer only gets 16-17 mpg.  I have been in contact with the local dealer and we are currently trying out an 05 Vibe(to see how they ride, interior space, etc.).  The dealer has printed out five or six descriptions(options, colors, incentives, etc,) of cars that he could get in to the dealership for us and we have to narrow down which one we want.  My question is, and even the dealer didn't know?!...What does the "Western Package" consist of?   It seems that a lot option packages contain some of the same individual options and I don't want to end up paying for the same option two or even three times just because it is part of a "package".  Any and all help is appreciated.  thanks,   Patrick
  • aguarinoaguarino Member Posts: 13
    Just purchased a pre owned Vibe and love to drive it. Have started an annoying clicking noise on Fri. from mid section of the dash. What might I be looking for? How did this start? Any ideas? Thanks Anita
  • maxx4memaxx4me Member Posts: 1,340
    yep, I think I do. My '03 does the same thing when the recirculation button is not depressed, allowing fresh air into the cabin. I presume the clicking is the motor trying to grab and swing the vent doors to allow the fresh air in, and it is not catching the plastic properly. I now have to leave the button on inside air to avoid having the loud clicking noise. See if it goes away once you press the button.
  • gr8poobahgr8poobah Member Posts: 7
    I have a 2009 Vibe GT w/satellite radio. I will not keep monthly radio fee but would like to use the built-in satellite antenna for my GPS unit which has provision for an external antenna. Anyone know how I can hook into the car antenna easily? Thanks. Tom
  • femaradifemaradi Member Posts: 1
    Have you finally found how to hookup the mp3 player to your Vibe?.
  • olgolfer1olgolfer1 Member Posts: 2
    Has anybody run into the front bracket racket? $105 per at dealer
  • olgolfer1olgolfer1 Member Posts: 2
    what a rip off. are there any honest car manufacturers anymore. $105 for the front license plate bracket.
  • cybersaurusrexcybersaurusrex Member Posts: 7
    I have an 05. It is great except the roofrack is not very useful (deliberate understatement).

    I want to disassemble it to decide if I can extend it and support the front with 2 vertical attachments to the front bumper. I prefer to use lengths of aluminum angle or something similar. I wolud hope to at least carry 4x8 plywood.
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