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Chevy Venture MPG - Real World Numbers

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
Share your actual mileage with other Chevy van owners here.


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  • homermedichomermedic Posts: 10
    2002 Chev Venture - 165,000 km - 20 to 23 MPG
  • 2001 Express Extended Gas 8.1 lt V8 = 10-13 MPG before I replaced my air filter with a K&N high performance air filter.

    My last road trip I recorded 16 MPG Hwy through the desert with A/C on and loaded.
  • 1999 Venture ext. 20 regular, 25 with rear seats removed.
    Loaned to a light-footed brother in 650 miles before filling up. Called me thought something was wrong, but they had to stop for bathroom break!
  • godstergodster Posts: 3
    I usually do about 600 KMS to a full tank of gas 70ltrs.
    But since my fuel guage is not working properly I can never really go the full distance.
  • I get 24 or so almost always
  • hpwoodshpwoods Posts: 1
    In the past year my fuel mileage has dropped 2 to 3 miles per gallon. Does anyone have a suggestion why?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    One word likely tells it all:


    It has less energy in it than gasoline so it takes a little more to make your car go...
  • saxon802saxon802 Posts: 2
    2003 Venture LT AWD, 68,000 miles. Normal around town is 16-17 MPG. On a recent trip almost got 30 MPG. Secret was keeping the speed between 55-60 on the highway.
  • 2002 Venture LS - I use this van solely for business, running over 30,000 miles per year. All the middle and rear seats have been removed and the space is now occupied with business cargo. I recently turned 200,000 miles on it, and I'm still averaging 20mpg which includes city and highway driving.
  • neustkgneustkg Posts: 35
    Winter: 18-24
    Warmer months: 21-27

    If it isn't windy and I'm driving from Denver (through Wyoming, UT, and Idaho) to Bend, Oregon, I can average 27mpg with speeds of 81-84mph (but usually average 25 with normal conditions). I once got 31mpg highway driving from Bend, OR to Seattle, but the speed limits are much lower. Never got above 72mph (most of the times, my speed was 68 or so most of the time).
  • We always seem to get 25 mpg's with our 04 Venture van we used to always get 23 with our old 99 Venture so it was a nice surprise to see the mpg's go up with the 04
  • cheymammacheymamma Posts: 1
    2000 v6: this baby is now 12 years old and I get 25mpg every time I test. That's combined 55mph and city.
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