2 Transmissions in one year

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Hi! I bought my Nissan Sentra new (my first mistake) back in 2013 and in November 20th of 2017, the transmission crapped out at 66k as I was attempting to parallel park. That time it was replaced at no cost to me as it was still under the drivetrain warranty. Again this November 14th, the transmission failed for the second time at 79k as I was driving on a highway. Both times the car was dead in the water and need to be pushed off the road. This most recent time Nissan is refusing to cover the cost of replacement under a 1 year parts warranty (which I was under by 6 days) because the first transmission was replaced under the drivetrain warranty. They are compromising with paying 80% which is still leaving me with a $800 bill for what is obviously a flawed transmission. I wish I knew all about the CVTs and their history before I bought one. The a/c blower motor also failed this past August and that was a separate $300 fix out of pocket. This car is a lemon, this CV transmission is complete garbage. I'm also worried that this history is going to make a major dent in its trade in value because you bet I'm going to get rid of this piece of junk before it completely falls apart around me.

Just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences with it failing TWICE in one year and if anyone has any tips on what I should do, I'm determined to not have to pay for its replacement!
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