Ford Expedition Door Lock Actuators

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Does anyone know how to remove the actuator from the right rear door? I went to the dealer and got them to print the parts diagram but it does not show details on how it is attached. When i took off the panel I did not see any evidence of it being riveted, so I suspect it snaps out somehow. But i don't want to force it and break it.


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    I need to replace my passenger door lock actuator. Has anyone ever done this or is there a place I can find prints on "how to"? Thanks!
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    Interesting you have trouble with the right passenger door lock actuator... same here --- and the dealership wants over $80 for this little item!!! I am looking to pull my own from a salvage yard if I can find an expedition with doors in a junk yard somewhere.

    I am sure there might be a way to do this without completely removing the door latch, but would be hard to see to access the "keeper/retainer"...
    I first removed the small panel above the window switch panel, then the switch panel to remove the connector from the window switch. Then remove the large paneling (a few screws, phillips, hex, and spline). There are some hidden in a cover just below the door handle and the large panel is removed by pulling upward on it. Carefully remove the plastic sheeting from around the access hole. I removed the harnesses. Unscrew the plastic door unlock manual pull cap. Unscrew the three screws holding the latch mechanism. Reach inside and pull downward on the latch mechanism to pull the manual lock rod into the door. Remove the electrical connectors (one is the lock actuator and the other is the "door ajar" sensor). The connectors are tabbed so that the first one you have to pull up a flap and the second one you have to pinch to remove. Pull down and twist 90 degrees so that the outside door handle connecting rod is close to the hole for the door latch. You must turn the square plastic piece so that the longer dimension is up/down as to now fall out of the slot in the latch mechanism. The latch mechanism with the lock actuator is now free to come out. To remove the actuator from the latch mechanism, it just slides out after pushing up on a plastic keeper/retainer (like the connectors). If you are looking at the connector side, the actuator slides out toward you. Hope this helps. :)
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    My rear window on my 04 Expedition keeps unlocking itself, sometimes up to 4 times after I unlock or start it. I am also having sometroubles with the driver side door that won't latch shut. Does anyone have any suggestions for me before I take it to the shop?
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