2009 Buick Lacrosse CXL battery dead - how to get into trunk to get my battery jumper?

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I got into my car this morning and found the battery is dead. The problem is my battery charger to jump my battery is in the trunk, and I can't get into the trunk since the battery is dead. You can't unlock the trunk with the key since there's no key cylinder on the trunk, the key fob doesn't work, holding the door unlock button on the driver and passenger doors doesn't work, my rear seats don't fold down and you can't reach into the trunk in the back seat, and there doesn't appear to be any button above the license plate to unlock the trunk (there's a coiled spring you can pull, but I pulled it hard and nothing happened). I also don't have OnStar. I assumed I would be able to get into the trunk manually if the battery was dead, otherwise I would have stored the battery jumper in the back seat.

What should I do? Thanks for any advice!


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    You can go to the under hood fuse block (power distribution center) and power the vehicle up by connecting jumper cables to the bolted on battery feed wire connected to it. Connect the negative lead to any good ground (engine block, strut mount bolt etc. ) that you can access. If the battery is this dead, something either drained it or it might simply be time to replace it. So if you buy a new battery for it and either have jumper cables, or else buy them too you should be able to get the trunk open and proceed.
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    2007 buick lacrosse having trouble With having a completely dead battery and key gets locked in or stuck in ignition so dead it doesn’t start without a jump,it won’t start he car isn
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    There are connection points under your hood for the positive and negative battery jumper cables, even if your battery is in the trunk or under the rear seat like on some le Sabres and related models. Usually the postive connection point is covered with a plastic flip up cover of some type but clearly marked, and the negative ground cable point is just a metal connection to the chassis of the car, like a bolt on the strut tower.

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    If the poster meant the ignition key is stuck in the ignition because the battery was completely dead, my 2008 Cobalt has a small cover on underside of steering column to pop off and there's a place in there to press to manually release the key from the ignition slot since the usual battery power that operates the system is off.

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