What are the options for a no-fault, unattended car accident claim in California?

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Hi, My Brand new Mazda6 Grand Touring car 5 days old with 208 miles on the odometer, was hit by someone in the parking lot. No frame damage but the entire rear end of the car was damaged. Other party's insurance is Farmer Insurance and my insurance is Geico. I went through my own insurance coverage as Farmer insurance took 100% responsibility of the accident expecting Geico will be more supportive(wrong assumption). Geico estimated the car repair for $20000. I bought it for $26500 but the market price is $29000. Geico is reluctant to make it a total loss as they are considering the market value and repairs are only 66%($20000/$29000) of the market value. I don't want to have 20k repair history on my brand new car.
1) Can I ask Geico to consider purchase price($26000) instead of market price? then the repair cost will be 75% and it is eligible for total loss
2) If I am unable to get a total loss, Instead of repairing the vehicle, can I request the insurance company to salvage the vehicle and settle the claim with a certain amount?
3) If even salvaging is not possible, how much this repair going to impact my car value? (Body shop is saying there won't be any report as it is only rear part mostly cosmetic, no serious damage and no airbags popped out, is it true? anything more than $5000 must be reported? )
4) If nothing works out, the last option is Diminished Value Claim as it is a brand new car. Who is liable for the claim - Geico or Farmers? How successful my claim will be?
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