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Looks like there's a Jeep in every shape and size these days. Read the First Drive.


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    Good ride, good handling - the reviewers didn't like much else about it though....

    Full Test: 2007 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4
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    I drove the Compass today. I was excited because I liked everything that I had seen and read about it. But the Edmunds review is right on. I got in and I thought the seat was way too close... Unfortunately, the seat could not go back any farther! I am 6'2" with long legs and I did not fit well. Headroom is great but VISIBILITY IS TERRIBLE! I had to almost stoop to see out the windshield. I felt as if I were closed in a tight spot and I am claustrophobic to begin with. It was comfortable and the ride and handling were fine. But there is too much plastic. I was totally underwhelemed. I guess I will wait for the Patriot of look at a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe or the 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander..
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    I just bought a Compass today. I like the high seating position and 4WD. I actually like the interior, I think the materials are good, and the layout is pretty good too. I prefer the looks of the Patriot, but this is for the wife, and she loves the look of the Compass.
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    How much Drag coeff. and Frontal Area of Compass?

    I would appreciate if someone post it.
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    Hi All: I test drove the Jeep Compass yesterday. I had difficulty seeing over the hood. I'm 5'11" and jacked up the seat to max height and was still not satisfied with the forward visibility. There was no way I could see the right front corner of the vehicle. If there was a small child in front of the vehicle, I could not see him/her. And, that terrible cupholder location for the back passengers. I asked the saleslady where is the middle back passenger supposed to put their feet? She said they are to put one leg on each side of the cup holders.
    I drove the Compass on the Freeway at 65mph. It definitely needs a higher final gear in its automatic transmission.
    I liked the looks of this vehicle and wanted one, but now after the test drive, I will be looking elsewhere.
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    The Jeep Compass doesn't have an automatic transmission. It has a CVT Transmission. It can't have a higher final gear as CVT Transmissions don't have gears...
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    DCX is buying back our Liberty Sport diesel, and we have selected the Jeep Compass. We are sure surprised at the room in the back seat comfort. The room inside is slightly less but not in ways that interfere like the hump in the drivers floor in the Liberty. This Compass sure is a lot better than I had given it credit for. I think these reviews we read are sure messed up.

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    I just bought my Jeep Compass and its great. At 6'4 264 lbs, I have no problem with the room. And I live on a dirt road, so no, I do not go rock crawling with it, but I am more then confident enough to take it through the mud. And even better, I'll get great gas mileage doing it.
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    Still loving the Jeep. Got me through the Noreaster in spades. I wont rehash what I already posted in another area in this forum, but to make a long story short, Im thinking of getting this Jeep a lift kit and really enhancing what seems to be a really good off road SUV.
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    I bought a Compass last August and traded it in this June. I was originally looking at a Liberty but went with the Compass because it got better gas mileage and was more in my price range. Also, I liked the design and it had lots of interior room for my long legs. Maybe I just got a lemon, but I had nothing but problems with it. I had to take it in for repairs several times. My heater went out within a couple of months and the brakes squealed horribly. I learned my lesson--it was cheap, and I got what I paid for. If you're going to get one I'd wait awhile so they can work out the kinks. We got a 2008 Dodge Avenger instead and love it.
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    I bought a Compass a month ago and I like it, but my only complaint is the gas mileage. I'm getting around 14 to 15 mpg's which is not the 23 to 26 mpg's advertised on the window sticker. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Do you have the 4 wheel drive turned on? That would definitely lower your gas mileage. Also, doing a lot of stop-and-go driving versus highway driving hurts too. If it's a brand-new vehicle, I wouldn't expect to get the sticker's advertised gas mileage until the engine gets broken in after a few thousand miles. Keeping your tires properly inflated and performing regular maintenance helps with gas mileage too. You might also try using your air conditioner less often. Hope this helps answer your question.
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    I read your post and cant believe that no one else that has the same problem and has not come forward! I have the same problem when I bought my 2007 Compass Sport 4x4. I want to give you some background on my jeep.
    I purchased my 2007 with 63k miles on it, CVT II Automatic transmission 2.4L engine.
    My 1st tank of gas I got 14.5mpg(this was 87 Octane).
    After the 1st tank I switched to 89 Fuel and changed the air filter(the filter was dirty).
    2nd tank got 19.98mpg. Not knowing how much the air filter played into the equation I switched the 3rd tank to 87 Fuel again. Mileage dropped to 17.5mpg.
    Clearly better grade fuel will help to improve mpg.
    I would also suggest checking your spark plugs and check the myjeepcompass forum. There is a fix in the forums that claims to reset the gas pedal with the CVT transmission and improve fuel economy within a 1-2 tanks of fuel. I have not checked the data on weather or not this works yet but will shortly.
    Hope this helps.
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    "With sales off 16 percent for 2012, the Compass gets the most attention in the form of a face-lift and mild interior upgrades, but both soft-roaders share the vital change: the switch from a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) to a conventional torque-converter automatic with six ratios."

    2014 Jeep Compass Debuts at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show

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    I have a 2009 jeep compass  only 92,000 milea since I bought it 3 years ago .I replaced the ball joints,tyrods,manifold,CV joints, sway bar axle bar and rotors and now the clutch (manual transmission ) went up and my transmission cracked so I would advise not to buy one they are pieces of [non-permissible content removed] 
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    I have this car as a Hertz rental. The best thing about it is it can convince someone to stay in school and get a better job to afford a better car.
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