jetta alternator problem

jeffo1968jeffo1968 Member Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Volkswagen
replaced alternator and it didn't work. removed it had it bench tested , worked fine. put the new one back on car ,still doesn't work... replaced some fuses inside on driver side of passenger compartment. still doesn't work. i checked blue wire on the back of alternator and it has voltage of around 10.5 v but that may just co-incident with battery voltage. no power coming out of alternator at all. where the power wire goes into the fuse box on top of battery the 150 amp fuse in line is blown. getting one tomorrow. but I was thinking, it in itself, shouldn't really matter for the moment because it is on the output side of alternator. i should still be able to get reading at crank up. some help anyone...
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