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I have a 2004 Escape and the front road noise is very loud. Is that normal? I made sure the 4 wheel is off, I have had the car aligned but the noise is still there, any ideas?


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    You're more likely to get a reply if you post your question in either Ford Escape or Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute: Problems & Solutions.

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    Thanks for the tip. I did go to Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute: Problems & Solutions but don't see a lonk to post my message. Can you direct me.
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    Hi, Vandy.

    Use the link I showed in my previous message to get there. Once you are there you may need to scroll to the end of the discussion to find the message entry form like the one you used to post your message here. There's a "Recent Messages" link near the bottom of the page that will take you directly to the end of the discussion.

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    I have a 2004 Tribute fully loaded and was somewhat surprised at the road noise. I have removed all door panel and sprayed sound deadening material on the inside of the door panels and then put high density sound deadening material over the inside of the panel prior to replacing the stock material. All seats were removed and more high density material installed on all the floor surfaces (two layers). but be careful when removing the seats because of the air bags. Disconnect battery and wait 5 minutes prior to removing front seats. The Tribute also received a full heavy undercoating. A lot of work and it helped a great deal. However, most of the noise that remains is due to the horrible Continental tires that came with it. Best two choices for replacement: The new Goodyear (expensive) or Bridgestone. Over certain road surfaces my Mazda is very quiet, but when you hit concrete you can really tell regarding the Continentals. All of the sound deadening was a lot of work, but worth it. Remember, most of the noise comes from the crummy Continentals.
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    just back from driving 900 miles in 3 days. completely agree about the noise of the continental tires. you don't have to worry about falling asleep at the wheel with them. they do ride ok, although kind of grainy.
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    Have you checked wheel (hub) bearings? My escape was making horrendous noise in the front end. Was wheel bearings. Now it's normal :)
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    what do you look for checking the hubs?
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    Right you are about the tires. The first thing I did on my new '06 hybrid was lose the tires. I chose Goodyear Fortera's. The road noise was only diminished a little; mainly because they're still SUV tires; wide tread and all. But bumps in the road are softened a lot.
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    I have a 2004 Ford Escape that has a road noise like a mud tire would sound. I have rotated the tires and the noise is still there. Could I have a bad wheel bearing that is making the noise?
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    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
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    I recently bought an '06 Escape XLT with 55K miles on it. I like about everything about this car except the road noise. My old '00 Silverado 1500 mud tires, etc. with a ton of miles rides like a Cadillac compared to the Escape when it comes to road noise.
    I've been reading the other posts and see where part of my problem may be the Continental tires on it. Since they only have about 4K on them I hate to just toss them out, but I'm willing to do so if someone will tell me how much doing so is going to quiet the darn thing down. 50% ? 80% ? Is there such a thing as noise ratings like the temperature and mileage ratings tires have ? This is strictly a drive around town and on highway trips car. Are there some kind of just street tires that would be super quiet ?
    Also, I'm taking it in for a 60K mile scheduled checkup in a week or so. The owners manual says to check wheel ends for noise but my local certified Ford mechanic says he has no idea that is referring to. What the heck is a wheel end ?
    My e-mail is [email protected] if anyone has any ideas on these two things I'd really appreciate you helping me out.
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    My e-mail is ...

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    I hate to burst your bubble, but 1st generation Escapes are noisy no matter what brand tires you put on them. Continentals are indeed pieces of crap and you may be able to subside the road noise a bit going with a different tire. However, you will always be able to hear in my opinion excesive road noise and more so when ever any tire wears out. Sorry. We have an 04 Limited 4x4 and we replaced the Craptinentals with a set of Goodyear Wrangler RS and the noise was about 50-60% better...still to noisy for my taste. This is one of the things Ford addressed on the 2nd gen Escapes (current).
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    My 2006 Ford Escape just reached 60K and I decided to keep it noise and all. This is a great little SUV and perfect for my use but the road noise has been horrible.

    Yesterday I installed a new set of tires (Goodyear Fortera) and couldn't be more pleased...I'm able to listen to the radio at low volume and talk in a normal tone to passengers.

    If you like your Escape like I do ....... change the tires......You will be pleased.

    It is a real pleasure to drive now!
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    I have the same problem with front end road noise. Got rid og the Contintals @ 25k
    Installed 4 Coopers. The road noise was greatly reduced. Now @ 40k miles IT"S
    Back. The noise is as bad as before. The Coopers aren't evan worn! I'm not about
    to replace the tires again. I will not buy another Escape!
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    I have a 2004 Escape when I pull out on a slight or hard pull. My Escape make a terrible rummbling noise in the front end.
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    see post #3 under 06 escape howling noise
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    I love my Escape. Bought a 2005 XLT about 2 years ago "used" but in great shape. Keep up on regular maintenance and just recently replaced the brakes. I have never been bothered by any noises and then last week it was like something was loose in the front end. When driving slow I could here a low clunk clunk clunk. Took it to my long time and trusted mechanic and it was the suspension....more specifically the "linkage". Replaced both sides for 40 bucks a side and no more clunk clunk clunk. It is the perfect little truck for me and my husband is happy about that cause I never want to drive his lol
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    Hi I just picked up my NEW (for me) 2002 escape.

    On the way home from car yard as soon as I hit 100km in OD it rattles, vibrates and is clunky in the front end.

    But if I turn the OD off it runs all the terrible noise diappears.

    I thought maybe the OD gears was missing some teeth or something?

    Anyone got any ideas please.. I am hoping i can get the dealer to fix it but It would help if I knew what it was.
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